Photos on Twitter impact the number of RTs and Favs

You no longer have to click on a link to see a picture or video on Twitter. On 29th October Twitter became more visual. Since then your stream and timelines of profiles are filled with photos from and videos from Vine. In order to check whether the fact of including a link, a video or a […]

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Mother Power – The huge success of a small organization

A small non-profit organization from Poland published a Facebook post that managed to collect the immense number of 2 million likes. How could this be possible? And what can small organizations and companies like Mother Power take from their successful story?

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#WebSummit 2013 – how it really was in Dublin?

Web Summit in Dublin is one of the biggest and most well-known technology events in Europe. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, not all participants were satisfied with this year’s edition. Why ? In this post I will sum up the pros and cons of the Web Summit 2013 from the perspective of a […]

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