• Why

    If you’d like to know:
    • What is being said and written on the internet about your brand,
    • How your brand is perceived online,
    • What marketing strategies is the competition putting into practice,
    • Who is your target audience,
    • How effective are your marketing campaigns,
    ... or if you’d like to conduct any other atypical analysis related to online communication.
  • How

    • What differentiates us is many years of experience gained from various cooperation with consumer brands, agencies, and research facilities
    • Our own databases - we have access to various data sources, not only coming from social media
    • Artificial Intelligence: our own algorithms, machine learning and deep learning models (NLP and Computer Vision)
    • Data Science and Machine Learning Team of more than 10 specialists, led by Dominik Batorski, Ph.D.
  • For whom

    • Medium to big agencies and media houses
    • Consumer brands
    • Research facilities
    • Public and non-governmental institutions

Sotrender as a Research Company

Our analysis is not only the aggregation of social media data, but also advanced analysis based on our own Artificial Intelligence algorithms.
Thanks to the comprehensive approach we have towards any research project we conduct, the results of our analyses deliver complex data about brand’s communication, online presence and reputation, and can also help find answers to even the most unusual questions any marketer may have.

Interested? Contact us to see what our data can say about your business!