Social media branding strategies: how to sell more?

If you are an entrepreneur, personal branding is right for you. It is a marketing tool that allows you not only to build a real bond of trust with customers but also to differentiate yourself from competitors. Social media platforms are one of the best ways to build one. As they represent a huge potential […]

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R&D Team – Why is it important for your company?

Just like we mentioned in our last post about the state of the AI industry in Poland, here at Sotrender we have our own Research and Development (R&D) Team. Should you have your own? Why not? What are the benefits of having an R&D team? How can you ensure R&D will contribute to the company’s […]

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Lead Generation Tips Using Your Social Media Accounts

A massive social media following doesn’t offer much benefit if you only have followers. Businesses with Facebook accounts learned this lesson a few years ago when Facebook moved to a model where pages must now pay to show content to some of their followers. A better strategy for social media utilizes the platform to drive […]

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