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Success of Arabian airlines in social media – the Emirates case

Arabian airlines, especially Emirates, are a benchmark for many companies. It’s not surprising; they’re one of the leading brands across the globe. There are a few reasons Arabian airlines have achieved so much success. And we’re not only talking about Emirates Airline or Qatar Airways, there are many more than those, e.g. Etihad Airways, Saudia, […]

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How to Get Verified on Instagram – 8 Tips To Speed Up Verification

Who doesn’t want to look credible and be treated better than others?   It applies to your real life as much as the virtual one. Like your Instagram presence, for example. And verification on Instagram is a pretty hot topic nowadays.

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How to Conduct an Excellent Twitter Audit in 15 Minutes

There’s a chance that auditing your Twitter performance isn’t your favorite task. Am I right? No wonder… We – creative folk – are much better at creating things, and that’s exactly why we manage social media. On top of that, performing an audit when you’re not an auditor is simply a tough thing to accomplish. […]

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