10 questions for the Sotrender Customer – 121PR agency

Have you ever wondered if Sotrender’s solutions are suitable for your company? Will they suit all your needs and challenges you have every single day? And if you actually need social media analytical tool?

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10 myths about how Instagram and its algorithm work

How Instagram’s algorithm works is still a bit of a mystery for many Instagram users. But Instagram recently provided some answers to clear things up. And even if it seems trivial to some, being aware of the algorithm and understanding how it works is crucial. This is especially true if you want to achieve satisfying […]

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facebook audience insights

How Can I Use Facebook Audience Insights To Reach My Target Audience?

Facebook has great tools for analyzing your potential audience and figuring out how receptive they might be to your ad campaigns. One of these tools is Audience Insights – which can be helpful in more ways than one. Other than giving you an opportunity to check out your potential target audience even before you start […]

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