Employer branding - what is it and why companies are more and more interested in it?

Employer branding in social media – how to build a strong employer brand?

If you’re looking for a job, especially in social media, you need to remember about updating and controlling your social media profile and privacy. You don’t want the CEO to catch you red-handed doing something frowned upon, do you? But that’s only one side of the matter. Companies often forget that they will also be checked […]

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Pipeline Summit 2017 – why we loved it

Lately we once again visited Pipeline Summit in Gdynia, Poland to learn from the best about sales. It was the 4th edition of the event and the third we attended. As you may remember, we were amazed by fall’s event. And frankly, speaking, we had high expectations this time.

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Next Interest Analysis

Next Interest Analysis – Getting to know your audience

On social media, it’s important to know what your fans are interested in. Whether on Facebook or Twitter, no brand or business exists in a vacuum; there’s always someone else trying to catch your audience’s attention. That can come in the form of social media influencers, mutual interests, or your competition. So how your customers […]

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