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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay with PayPal?
You can pay via Payline 3D secure with a debit card or credit card
I work for an NGO.
NGO's get free access to a one brand plan and 50% discount for other plans
Can I get access for one year in advance?
Sure. Contact our Sales Team to get more information.
Can I upgrade my plan during paid period?/ Can I upgrade my plan if it was already paid for?
Yes, you can upgrade your plan anytime. We will estimate the adequate difference between your current plan and requested one as well as days left until the end of the billing period.
Can I transfer money based on an invoice?
You can transfer money based on an invoice after signing an agreement with our Sales Team representative.

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The Basics
Number of profiles
The number of profiles that can be analyzed in your subscription. We define a profile as one social media account that can be added to Sotrender.
If you choose "1 Profile", you can integrate 1 social media account (either Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter).
Profile exchanges available
Indicates how many profiles you can exchange in your monthly settlement.
Number of users who can use one account in Sotrender.
Social Inbox
Analytics (beta)
Historical data
90 days
180 days
365 days
2 years
Depending on your subscription, we get access to data about your profiles from the last 90, 180, 365 days or 2 years.
Data retention
120 days
200 days
2 years
3 years
Means how many days back you can go to analyze data about your profiles.
Analyze your Facebook Pages and competitors' activities.
Instagram Business
Analyze your Instagram profiles (Instagram business profiles).
Instagram Stories
Use Sotrender to easily analyze your Stories. Even 24 hours after publication time, you have access to previews and statistics.
Analyze your profiles on Twitter - including your own and your competitors'.
Analyze your YouTube channels - including your own and your competitors'.
Competition tracking
You can analyze data from your competitors' profiles.
Content Strategy
You can categorize your own posts by adding tags and analyze their results.
Use our auto-generated tips based on the data drawn from your own profiles.
Generating reports
Automatically generated reports with all of the crucial statistics allow you save a lot of time each month.
Report in any format you want
You have the option to choose the type of file you want to have your report generated as: PDF, XLS or PPTX.
Comparison report
You can compare different profiles in this report - including your own or your competitors'.
Report descriptions
The possibility to automatically add graph descriptions in the report.
Ability to choose report sections
Choose which analytics sections you wish to have included in the report.
Export data for Excel
If necessary, we can automatically export your data in an Excel file.
Recurring report
Decide when you want to receive a report and we will automatically send it to you by email.
Own logo in a report
You have the option to include your own logo in a report.

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Customized reports

Need additional analyses? We can create specialized reports upon request. Get better acquainted with our current offers.

Social Inbox

Thanks to Social Inbox in Sotrender, you won't miss a comment under a post or ad on Facebook.