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Your paid and organic performance explained

Facebook analytics and reporting

Skyrocket your Facebook performance with actionable insights

Analyze and benchmark your organic and paid KPIs against your competitors.

  • Get access to all your paid and organic social KPIs in a snap.
  • Quickly generate professional reports whenever you need them.
  • Keep an eye on your competitors' organic and paid performance to get ahead of them.

Instagram analytics and reporting

Use data-driven insights to improve your exposure on Instagram

Monitor your content performance over time and tweak your strategy.

  • Report your paid and organic KPIs effortlessly.
  • Monitor your posts and Stories performance, audience reactions and demographics.
  • Make sure you always have your historical data at hand.


Get your report ready before your coffee break ends

Save time by generating professional and whitelabelled social media reports.

  • Generate professional and whitelabelled reports and impress your clients.
  • Save time on aggregating and visualizing data - get your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter report in the exact same format.
  • Fully automate your monthly or weekly reporting.


Uncover key insights about your competitors performance

Understand competitors' strategy to master your performance and ad budgets.

  • Keep track of competitors’ organic and paid results and compare them with your KPIs.
  • Generate quick comparison reports and talk them over with your team members.
  • Understand competitors' strategy to master your performance and budgets.

Make your strategic planning smooth and clever

Advisory and data-driven services

Custom solutions designed by our analysts and data experts

Gain unique insights thanks to our AI-enhanced reports.

  • Gain unique insights thanks to our AI-enhanced reports.
  • Measure performance and brand equity with our proprietary Industry Indexes and Scores.
  • Connect all your data into a unified Digital Dashboard for real-time reporting.

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For many years now we've been using Sotrender for reporting and getting social media data. Thanks to automatic, as well as “on demand” reports we are certain that our clients get the highest-quality data that will support their businesses.

Adrian Zielant
Research & Development Specialist, VMLY&R

Manual monthly reporting of social media communication for clients like L’Oreal or Nutricia takes 10 hours per brand. Using Sotrender, a junior employee creates a tailored report in less than 10 minutes. For us, this means 294% ROI.

Justyna Dzieduszycka-Jędrach
Owner, 121PR Creative Agency

Sotrender helps me to track competitors’ social media activities and benchmark the performance. It makes it much easier to assess how effective our profiles and current campaigns are against the broad market and selected competitors’ profiles. What is particularly important is the constancy of the indicators, which makes it possible to compare activities in the long term.

Arkadiusz Dudkowski
Digital Marketing Manager, GRAAL S.A.

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