Starting our journey in 2010, we have been researching and analysing social media channels with ever-evolving products. The core business of Smartnet (our company) is Sotrender – a SaaS tool for analyzing, reporting, and optimizing business activities on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. In addition, we carry out custom research and analyses.

Sotrender’s team currently consists of 42 people, with women making up 43% of our workforce. We have a team of people born in 2 different continents, so we communicate in Polish as well as in English.

In February 2018 we ranked 1st in the Research & Development Grant of The National Centre of Research & Development (NCBiR) in Poland. Starting from the middle of 2018 we will conduct a 30-month long R&D project. This project will focus on creating solutions for brand communication on social media based on of machine learning and with the use of natural language processing (NLP) and image recognition.

Our values focus on both company and employee development as our core stakeholders - we offer an educational/training package, a corporate library as well as opportunities to participate in conferences, media events and other public speaking opportunities...

We are currently looking for: