Experience an actually seamless reporting process

for Facebook, Instagram,
LinkedIn and Youtube

Report all your key metrics in just a few clicks

Reporting is an essential part of your job, that’s why it should be as easy as possible to track and report your key metrics. Now, you can quickly generate reports that cover every aspect of your organic and paid social media performance.

Report all your key metrics in just a few clicks

Save time with automated reports

Even if you have just a few reports to prepare each month, that still takes up your time. What if you could fully automate this process? Your report will be sent to you on a given day, and you can save time for other tasks.

Save time with automated reports

Get a professionally-looking report with no effort

We know how to prepare a report that meets your and your boss’ expectations. There’s no need to wonder what sections and data should be included. Just add your brand’s logo and select a file type. Thanks to our white-labeled reports, your clients will immediately associate precision and professionalism with your brand.

Get a professionally-looking report with no effort
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Speed up your work with tailored social media reports

Create a report that everyone will understand

Happy with what you’ve found in your research? Now you can easily deliver it to your boss, team or client by generating a summarizing report. You can forget about collecting data and combining them for hours. Save time and improve your work efficiency.

Create a report that everyone will understand

Unexpected meeting in 10 minutes? No worries, that's enough time to create a report.

Know what your competitors are up to

Apart from reporting your own metrics, you can also get a set of data informing you about your competitors’ activities and performance. Together with your brand’s report, such data will support your strategy and help you get ahead of competitors. You can also use it when doing an audit or gathering content ideas.

Know what your competitors are up to

Didn’t catch your attention yet? We can get you more!

Our team of experienced analysts is here for you, always ready to prepare even the most unusual analysis. Our custom reports were already an answer to many non-standard needs that marketers happened to have. Feel free to share yours!

Didn’t catch your attention yet? We can get you more!
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Our clients generate hundreds of reports every month. Learn more about reporting at Sotrender.

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For VMLY&R clients it’s crucial to have accurate and detailed data on how their social media channels are performing. The reason is simple: they make everyday business decisions based on the data. That’s why for many years now we've been using Sotrender for reporting and getting social media data. Thanks to automatic, as well as “on demand” reports we are certain that our clients get the highest-quality data that will support their businesses.

Adrian Zielant

Research & Development Specialist, VMLY&R

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