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Skyrocket your Facebook performance

with actionable insights, real-time stats
and competitors' data

Get an easy access to all your KPIs

Catch the latest data about your reach, engagement, audience demographics and more. Take advantage of our unique metrics not available in Facebook Insights, and get a better understanding of your performance. By tracking the data systematically, you’ll no longer run campaigns and produce content that is not performing as expected.

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Monitor your paid campaigns on the go

If you were using Facebook Ads Manager before, you’ll now appreciate having access to auto-generated charts. Analyze your reach, CPM, CPC, audience share and sentiment to avoid overspending and reaching the wrong audiences. Quickly identify which ad sets or ads perform well and which ones need your attention.

Generate reports with ease

We know how time-consuming it is to prepare monthly reports. That’s why in Sotrender you’ll generate a report in literally one minute. Alternatively, you can set up fully-automated recurring reports. The time you’ll save can be spent on completing tasks that really need your commitment.

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Don’t waste time on creating content that doesn’t bring you closer to achieving your business goals.
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Figure out the right content strategy for your brand

Monitor your and your competitors’ top posts over time to understand your audience’s preferences. Recognize easily what content categories performed best when it comes to user engagement, organic and paid. Invest more time and effort in creating content that matters for your business and audience.

Learn how you can outperform your competitors

With Sotrender you can get access to your competitors’ key metrics, such as user engagement, top-performing content, follower growth, and more. Tracking competitors will give you valuable insights which you can use to optimize your performance, come up with content ideas, set goals and craft your marketing strategy.

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Discover competitors’ ad results

Go beyond analyzing only the most obvious competitors’ metrics. Access their ad performance stats such as CPC, CPM, impressions or clicks. Find out what is the average monthly ad spend in your niche and which campaigns are the most popular. It’s time to master your strategy and learn what you can improve.

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With Sotrender I can not only monitor my key metrics, but also prepare weekly and monthly reports. I take a quick glimpse at the dashboard, and I know how my most important metrics look like, even for a few different profiles. By tracking competitors’ profiles, I’m always up-to-date with what they're focused on, and how they're performing. By knowing where we are now, it’s easier to plan where we can be and prepare the strategy accordingly.
Linda Szołno
Social media coordinator, eobuwie