Reports, PR & conferences

We love working with media, journalists, and bloggers, providing them with the best data out there. You can freely use our reports (Trends and others). We cooperate with organisers of conferences and our team members can't wait to share their knowledge about social media, data analysis, and marketing. Do you want to know more about how we work and what you can learn from social media? Invite us to speak at your event or to cooperate with your great ideas! Drop us a line at


  • Jan Zając

    Jan Zając, Ph. D., CEO

    Psychologist & economist, experienced consultant & researcher, who speaks 6 languages and has cycled around 17 countries.

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  • Paweł Kucharski

    Pawel Kucharski, CTO

    Coder with 10 years of experience in big data, who built a yacht & a space craft, and developed software solutions for MVNO, IM & VoIP operators, TV shows, & governments.

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  • Dominik Batorski

    Dominik Batorski, Ph. D., Chief Scientist

    Sociologist, data scientist, senior researcher analyzing social networks since 2002, who led over 30 major research projects.

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Client service team

  • Jakub Wyglądała

    Jakub Wyglądała, Client Service Team Leader

    PR and Media Marketing graduate working in the marketing industry for over 6 years. A big fan of history and new technologies.

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  • Jacek Rzepka

    Jacek Rzepka, Key Account Manager

    Finance and accounting student on Koźminski University with 4 years of experience in customer service. Runner, with six marathons finished and already planning to run couple more.

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  • Sylwia Szczepańska

    Sylwia Szczepańska, Key Account Manager

    Left office management to acquire new business relationships for Sotrender. Proud owner of one and a half cat.

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  • Gosia Walendziewska

    Gosia Walendziewska, CMO

    Almost 10 years of an experience in social media. Love challenges, learning new stuff, meeting new people. Always on the run.

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  • Michał Wieczorek

    Michał Wieczorek, Content Marketing Specialist

    Baltic linguist, marketer, and music journalist in his free time. A big fan of good food and even better music.

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  • Kinga Odziemek

    Kinga Odziemek, Community Manager

    Over 4 years (and still counting!) of experience in social media, community building and marketing, both in agencies and client-side in the UK and Poland. City breaks' lover, Quora is her second name.

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  • Beata Zielińska

    Beata Zielińska, Product Manager

    Almost 9 years of experience consisting of project management, digital marketing, social media, and advertising. Series lover, clinical psychologist and molecular biologist.

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  • Hubert Tworkowski

    Hubert Tworkowski, VP, Partner

    Sales manager with over 8 years of experience in new media, with a profound knowledge of sales techniques, both from the position of a client and an agency.

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  • Pixel

    Pixel, Chief Happiness Officer

    He loves to chase the laser. Passionate about making people happy. The most important thing in is life is soccer ball, his dream is to be the first dog playing real game with Ronaldo.

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