Reactions and video posts analysis, relative PTAT and other changes in our app [Product Update]

We hope that you’ve already checked and tested the latest Sotrender design upgrades! Today we’re introducing the next phase of those changes. This part is focused on Facebook metrics which are affected by the new version of their API – but on top of that, we’re very excited to introduce new features and metrics that […]

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New navigation and dashboards [Product Update]

As we mentioned in our previous update, the beginning of 2018 is an intensive time for Sotrender. This thorough focus has already resulted in a few changes and new features. These updates stem from a few things: feedback from our clients, internal tests and analyses, and changes from supported platforms. Let’s first take a look […]

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New report scheduling options [Product update]

More than 1570 marketers use Sotrender every single day. Every month, more than 1050 reports are being generated in various formats. Since Reporting is so important to our clients, we decided that it was high time to implement changes and improvements to make your work even more efficient.

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