Sotrender's API is easy solution when you need data

Sotrender’s API – when you need social media data

Social media has irreversibly changed marketing. For many industries it’s become the core of their communication, client services, or even sales. At the same time people are better  understanding social media, resulting in a higher need for better measurement. Because of this, we at Sotrender decided to create our own API and share access with […]

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Audience Interests Charts – new feature to make your strategy better!

It is widely known that boredom is not our cup of tea. We are still seeking new solutions that make marketers’ and analytics’ everyday work better and easier. One of them is Relative / Absolute Affinity – an interesting novelty that a lot of our Clients asked us about. After some trial periods we decided to […]

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PTAT metric, new reporting workflow and menu – check latest changes in Sotrender

As you may (or even should) know, we’ve shut down old Sotrender for good. We’ve been focusing all our efforts into making the app the best version it can possibly be. It’s more comfortable, effective, and easier now than ever before. In the latest update, we refurbished the menu and navigation, introduced some new metrics, […]

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