Introducing Sotrender Ads: generate Facebook Ads reports in 60 seconds

Almost every brand that runs social media marketing most probably went for Instagram or Facebook ads at least once.

Facebook and Instagram advertising is a great investment, though to make this investment pay off, social media campaigns must be led wisely. Tracking crucial indicators and drawing conclusions should be your priority.

Each day of delay can result in great budget losses, though. There is clearly a growing need amongst marketers to have constant access to well-visualized data that enables them to make quick decisions.

This is why we decided to develop an analytics tool to track not only organic performance, but also paid campaigns. Now’s the time to show off our newest product Sotrender Ads.

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Forget about hours spent on reporting

Today, we are launching the beta version of Sotrender Ads, available for all users. When we started creating our new product, we aimed at automating the most repetitive and time-consuming task which is reporting.

We know that reporting is an inherent element of marketers’ work and those who manage business accounts in social media. Nowadays, every month, more than 50% of our clients use Sotrender to generate reports about their organic social media performance. Now, they will also be able to create reports about paid campaigns.

Using Sotrender Ads, you will:

  • generate reports about your paid campaigns in less than 60 seconds at any time, at the end of the month or once your campaign is finished, 
  • save time on data aggregation and visualisation charts for all indicators are generated automatically,
  • get a complete PPTX report in an editable file – you can make any necessary changes to make the report fit your needs even better. At the stage of creating your report, you can add a logo (yours or your client’s) as well as any comments that you find essential.

In Sotrender Ads you can generate a report for any campaign created in Facebook Ads Manager.

Analyze, monitor, compare your Facebook Ads

Obviously, every report is based on data. Once you log into Sotrender Ads, you will get access to all key campaign indicators, both on ad sets and ads level.

You can easily analyze key indicators like reach, views, CPM, CPC, audience share, and these are just a few.

CPC analysis in Sotrender Ads

CPC analysis in Sotrender Ads

Audience share analysis in Sotrender Ads

Audience share analysis in Sotrender Ads

What is important and make Sotrender Ads stand out, especially compared to Facebook Ads Manager, is that all advertising data is being visualised in real time and on readable charts. It helps to monitor active campaigns on the fly and enables users to make quicker decisions as to continuing ongoing activities or implementing necessary changes.

In Sotrender Ads, you can compare any campaigns, ad sets or particular ads to each other. Thanks to that, it is much easier to better understand your audience’s preferences and behaviors with reference to particular markets, optimize future campaigns and budgets allocated to social media advertising.

Benchmarking – see results on the background of competitors

Benchmarking is a new and unique feature on the market, which enables marketers to access crucial data that determines effective marketing planning and budgeting.

To compare results with the results of competitive businesses in Sotrender Ads, you just need to choose one of 25 categories and select one of the three campaign goals available: Awareness, Consideration or Conversion.

Right now, there are 4 scores available in the app for which the comparison is being done:

  • median CPC,
  • median CPM,
  • number of ad views,
  • number of ad clicks.

As an example, CPM score at the level of 95% means that in the previous month, the median cost of 1000 views of your ad was better than competitors’.

What is more, in the new module you can check and compare the amount that you spent on advertising in the previous month with the median of competitors’ spend (or businesses in any other preferred category). This way, you can learn how much do the competitive companies spend on advertising on Facebook and Instagram in a month’s time, and what are the campaign goals that they choose.

On the chart above, you can see that the total amount that an advertiser spent on ads in March was 38 PLN, and that the the campaign goal that he chose was Reach. If it comes to the median of competitors’ ad spend in Marketing category, it was 1725 PLN, with 26% of campaigns that had a Reach goal.

Start analyzing your competitors' ads

Want to check comment sentiment?

User engagement in response to your ads is important, however, it is worth keeping a weather eye on comments that you receive. Are they positive or negative?

High number of negative comments do not work well for any company’s image. Lots of marketers forget to monitor Facebook and Instagram ad comments, whereas they are even more important than the ones written under organic posts. 

With Sotrender Ads you will get a better understanding of comment sentiment whether they are mostly positive or negative. It will help you to react at the proper time and take appropriate actions from replying to comments, to analyzing ad creations. 

Comments sentiment analysis in Sotrender Ads

This is crucial data that you should be aware of, but you can’t analyze it for free in Facebook Ads Manager. Such knowledge enables us to better understand preferences and behaviors of your target audience.

We hope that you are already interested in Sotrender Ads! 😉 

From today on, Sotrender Ads is available for all users and is accessible from our main app. No matter if you are already an existing user of Sotrender or a new one, with a 14-day trial you can test our app with all its functionalities.

Try Sotrender Ads

Remember to share your feedback about Sotrender Ads with us!

This is just the beginning of what we can offer you in terms of ad analysis. Everyday, we are working on improvements and looking for new solutions to facilitate analyzing and optimizing your campaigns. We are also at the stage of testing new functions to enable comparing ad results with your competitors soon.

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