11 Social Media Tools to Improve Your Performance

For every business on social media, it is essential to know whether social media marketing efforts are paying off, analyze the current performance, and plan. When you determine what’s working well and what areas you need to improve in your business, you’ll be able to get good results. 

You know well that random social media tactics lead to unexpected results. If you want to be successful, you need a solid strategy. According to this research, 70% of online marketers prove the importance of discussing the ROI of marketing campaigns and managing marketing expenses for each project. 

That’s where the right tools can become the best friends of social media marketers. You can identify content and social media trends and learn about your customers, competitors, and primary strategy. This article will find the best social media tools to track your performance. 

Top social media tools – 2023 update


Depositphotos is one of the most popular digital resource tools for marketers, designers, and other professionals to get many stock assets from photos to video effects and audio tracks. It’s a subscription-based service that gives unlimited access to a wide range of items, including design templates, illustrations, graphic assets, sound effects, fonts, presets, photos, and more. 

Depositphotos provides the ultimate toolkit to finish your creative work, from creating social media posts or marketing presentations to making promotional videos. It gives you everything to take your project to the next level. 

The most valuable benefit of Depositphotos is its ability to work on different projects at once. It allows for saving your favorite items, sharing your work, and collaborating with clients and colleagues. You can easily organize every aspect of your creative work.


Key Features of Depositphotos:

  • Massive library of creative assets
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Creative community of authors
  • Affordable price
  • A single commercial license for all items
  • Cancel your subscription at any time


The pricing starts from $9.99 for ten images billed monthly. Depositphotos also allows downloading free photos for commercial use. Enterprises should contact the support team for the details. 


InVideo is a powerful web-based video editing tool. It is the simplest, quickest, and most versatile way to create videos on Android, iOS, and the Web. This all-in-one online video editing tool provides 5000+ pre-made templates and has capabilities like audio controls, voice-over, stock music, transitions, and eight million+ stock content.

With InVideo’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface, making a video is simple, even if you have no prior knowledge of video editing. InVideo is a favorite option for millions of professional video editors worldwide because of features like configurable motion graphic components, text, icons, shapes, effects, transitions, and color correction.


Key Features of InVideo:

  • Easy drag-and-drop editor
  • 5000+ customizable video templates
  • 8M+ iStock media library
  • Video creation in 70+ languages and more
  • Convert text to video
  • Add voice-overs
  • Wide range of filters and overlays
  • Smooth & trendy transitions


InVideo offers a free version with limited access. The paid plans start at $15 /month when you pay yearly. If you pay monthly, it will cost $30 per month.


Planable is another excellent option to streamline content-related processes, from planning and publishing content on social media to collaboration and approval. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily view how social media posts will look once they get published, set up schedules, and push them to multiple channels.

The best thing about Planable is collaborating on client projects and content and getting quick client approval. It works great for large teams and different stakeholders. You can create separate client workspaces to manage other clients and keep your interface organized and accessible.

Planable includes multiple timeline views to choose from. You can work with calendar, feed, list, or grid views to efficiently handle your content timelines. The Label feature lets you filter posts by category and sees your activities’ history. Its collaboration system allows teams to leave and share feedback in-app using replies and comments next to the post.


Key Features of Planable:

  • Easy collaboration option
  • Multiple timeline views
  • Mobile app
  • Guest sharing
  • Separate workspaces
  • Flexible publishing
  • One-click approvals
  • Unlimited storage


Planable offers to create the first 50 posts for free and unlimited experience (pages, users, and workspaces). The paid plan starts from $13 per user a month to create a high volume of social media content each day. The Enterprise plan is available for large social media teams, and get in touch with them to find an exact price point.


ClickUp is a great cloud-based project management tool that lets you combine everything into one place. It offers task-settings functions, status alerts, whiteboards, project updates, calendars, docs, chat, and an inbox to manage your social media activities. Along with fully customizable and proprietary features, the tool works for teams of all sizes and industries to better alight workflows around social media goals.

ClickUp includes 15+ customizable views to visualize your tasks, timelines, and team structure that you can save and share with anyone. Besides the standard view options (List, Gantt, Calendar, Board, and Box Views), you can use Mind Map, Activity, and Workload View options to plan, visualize, and organize your social projects.

With ClickUp, you can easily create, customize, and share reports with others. It also gives more insight into your team’s performance, shows each team member’s schedules, and tracks the progress of each project.


“ClickUp is my favorite by far,” noted Harry Johns White, Marketing Manager of NBA Blast. “It’s lightweight, works like a charm, and allows you to invite guests for free. I’m also a huge fan of its time tracker integrations.”

Key Features of ClickUp:

  • Effortless collaboration and communication solutions
  • High customization options
  • Multiple views
  • Easy time tracking
  • Advanced reporting capabilities
  • Well-functioning mobile app
  • Affordable pricing


ClickUp offers a free plan for personal use and beginners to manage projects with limited file storage of around 100 MB. The unlimited plan starts at $5 per member per month. The Business and Business Plus plans are also available for large teams with more advanced features like turndown charts, custom role generation, and more. Enterprises should contact the Sales team for details.


Sotrender is one of the top social media analytics tools designed to measure and enhance your social media organic results thanks to in-depth insights and extensive reports. It has many valuable features, including Facebook and Instagram, Twitter and YouTube analytics, competitor analysis, social reporting, and post-performance.

One vital feature of Sotrender is automatic and on-demand reports that allow you to deliver the highest-quality data to support clients’ businesses. The tool displays real-time updates to make necessary changes. What is crucial is the permanence of the indicators that help you compare different activities over the long term.

Another helpful feature is to keep track of competitors’ organic and paid results and compare them with your KPIs. The tool provides critical insights into your competitor’s performance, improves your social media strategy, and masters your budget and performance.

sotrender social media tool

Key Features of Sotrender:

  • Real-time Instagram and Facebook analytics
  • Competitor analysis
  • Quick comparison reports
  • White-labeled reports
  • Historic usage data
  • User-friendly interface


Sotrender offers a free 14-day trial and the option to book a personalized demo. Just fill in the form and custom pricing for your business to start with Keyhole. The paid plans start from $69 to $389, billed monthly.


BuzzSumo is one of the top social media tools for exploring, analyzing, and monitoring your content. Founded in 2012, it provides the robust content research and performance insights you need. You can see trending now, discover common questions and keywords, find out how many links lead to your content and identify the most famous content types.

BuzzSumo shows which of your pages received the most engagement, including Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Pinterest shares. You can also find out who shares competitors’ content and compare your content performance on social media against your competitors. You can easily use these insights to fine-tune future content and power your brand.

BuzzSumo is great for researching and generating content ideas for your most used social media channels. It’s the best match for the brands that bring a focus on the content marketing strategy. 


“I love how easy BuzzSumo is to navigate. You’ve not filled with many features that you don’t use at all,” says Sam Meenasian, founder of Business Insurance USA. “If you want to stick to just content research, there’s one place for that. If you want to generate content ideas, there’s another place.”

Key Features of BuzzSumo:

  • Advanced data filters
  • Real-time trending content discovery
  • Competitor alerts
  • Comprehensive social media analytics
  • Personalized interface
  • Social media content insights
  • Easy segmentation of influencers


Buzzsumo offers a free version with limited access to up to 10 content searches per month. The paid plans start at $79 /month when you pay yearly. If you pay monthly, it will cost $99 per month after a 30-day free trial.


Affable is a great influencer marketing platform for brands and agencies. Due to its data-driven artificial intelligence, you can find the most effective and relevant influencers for your social media campaigns and connect with those who resonate with your target audience the most. 

This tool can search for influencers’ audience demographics, including gender, age, location, and many more. The Content Discovery section allows you to find specific content on YouTube or Instagram that you want for your brand. It will help you reach out to the right influencers and save time.

Built as an end-to-end platform, Affable makes it possible to manage all influencer routines, from finding to building relationships with them in one place. Once you connect with the influencers, you can track how successfully they engage with your customers and identify how well your competitors are doing in your field.


Key Features of Affable:

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Exclusion search
  • Image recognition
  • Track ongoing influencer trends
  • Compare your influencer performances against competitors
  • Create and export reports about the Social Metrics


Affable offers a 14-day free trial to help you understand the platform’s best features. The personal plan offers ten free credits, and every additional credit costs $1 per credit. The monthly plan costs $500 per month.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a powerful all-in-one marketing software that shows hidden opportunities, consolidates multiple social campaigns, and tracks the performance of your content performance. It provides content auditing, lead generation, topic research, and marketing plan within one platform. 

Its Competitor Research feature helps you find the best-performing content on social media and “borrow” these content ideas to improve your social media strategy. You can use SE Ranking to create social media posts based on your findings and rank better in social search results. You can include keywords in your YouTube titles or tweets to improve the visibility on these channels.


Key Features of SE Ranking:

  • Advanced topic research
  • Accurate keyword ranking data
  • Backlink checker
  • Competitive research
  • Comprehensive content audit
  • Detailed SEO progress reports
  • White Label
  • Marketing and SEO plan


SE Ranking offers a subscription-based pricing model with a 14-day free trial for new customers. It starts from $31/month to $719/month if you pay annually. Once you get a subscription, you will get full access to the SE Ranking mobile app.


WebCEO is another powerful social media tool that includes many valuable features to measure, analyze and improve your social media marketing presence. The tool easily tracks how many visitors you get from social media platforms and how well your content performs on multiple platforms. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, you can see how your social media activities’ results change over time.

WebCEO also helps you identify your rivals, show who the most alarming ones are, and provide a detailed report for the most popular competitors’ tactics. Its Reputation Management feature allows you to manage your brand’s mentions and engage in relevant conversations. 


Key Features of WebCEO:

  • Social media traffic analysis
  • Comprehensive social analytics reports
  • Facebook Insights
  • Reputation management
  • Competitor Social Media Popularity
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Industry trends


WebCEO offers a free 14-day trial that doesn’t require adding credit card details. The paid plans start at $33 /month when you pay yearly.


Brand24 is a professional internet and social media monitoring tool widely used in PR, SEO, sales, marketing, and social media. Brand24 allows you to collect mentions of your brand, track your competitors, or evaluate the results of your marketing campaign, it’s all there for you in a single dashboard. Thousands of companies in over 150 countries use it for social listening thanks to its constant improvements and proprietary marketing indicators.


Key Features of Brand24:

  • Sentiment analysis
  • The volume of mentions
  • Social media reach
  • Social media engagement (likes, comments, and shares)
  • Top public profiles talking about your brand, product, or service
  • Identify trending topics by monitoring trending hashtags
  • Custom reports


Brand24 offers a 14-day free trial that doesn’t require a credit card. It starts at $49 per month.

Facebook Premier

Facebook Premiere is the next generation of professional live video presentations. This feature allows business pages to upload and publish pre-recorded video content without the stress of hosting a live broadcast. It will enable you to launch a new product, share details about a show, increase sales, and more.  

Facebook Premiere shows videos not only in the news feed and on your page but also distributes them on Facebook Watch to let you reach a wider audience. Users can instantly react to the video content in real-time like any live video. I mean, you can interact with viewers in the comments within the broadcast.

Facebook Premiere is an excellent alternative to Facebook Live. It helps you have a significant Facebook presence, create video content ahead of time, and encourage users to follow and engage with it. The tool is excellent for episodic content and announcements.

facebook premiere

Key Features of Facebook Premiere:

  • Interaction from viewers during the broadcasting
  • Easy setup
  • Send reminders with notifications
  • Get distribution on Facebook Watch
  • Countdown clock for when your video will go live


Facebook Premiere is free to use and available to all Facebook Pages.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a fantastic free tool to monitor social media progress and performance. The tool gives a wealth of insights about your content, your website, and its visitors from social media. Once you add the tool to your social media analytics strategy, you can track the following things:

  • Find which social media channels drive the most traffic;
  • Measure the ROI of your social media campaigns;
  • Collect social referral data where visitors are coming to your website using social share buttons;
  • Discover what types of content work best with each social network;
  • See how many sales conversions you get from social media;
  • Track the total traffic to your best content and traffic sources.

With this data, you will maximize social media campaigns and enhance your marketing strategies in the long run.

google analytics


Google Analytics is free and suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, including a wide range of features to grow your business. Google Analytics Premium, designed for enterprises and companies with high traffic volume, will cost $150 000 per year.

Wrapping up our list with top social media tools 

I’ve reached the end of my top 11 social media tools that will help improve your performance. Don’t be afraid to try any of the above tools, especially considering they all have free trials. Check also our list with top social media management tools with prices starting at $19. 

With the right tools, you will clearly understand your social media results and ensure you’re taking the right time with your strategy.


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