Facebook Contests

Facebook Contests – The best (and legal) ways to run them

Brands and businesses love running contests on Facebook. We’re sure you can’t go more than a few days without seeing one pop up in your feed. And it’s no wonder they so popular; they can can increase your engagement, generate leads, and gives something back to your audience. That is, as long as your contest […]

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Indonesia Ride Sharing Apps on Social Media

Indonesia’s Tech Companies Have Billion Dollar Valuations – And Social Media Is Key To That

Ever since the inception of companies like Uber in 2009, ride-sharing apps have taken center stage around the world. Whether it’s their relatively low costs for consumers, convenience and fast growth in the tech industry, this has led to the birth of several Startup Unicorns (startups valued at over $1 billion) around the world. This field […]

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Facebook Trends UK July 2017 – Football is coming home

What happened on Facebook in July in the UK? A lot of exciting growths, but predictable events as well. Analysing it this month was really enjoyable – and not just because of a funny post by Burger King or transfer window gossip. Have a look at our takeaways! Every month at Sotrender, we analyse 20+ […]

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