Target audience – How do you better understand them? [F-Secure Case Study]

The IT industry is unique for several reasons. You can see this within their sales teams, where a client’s decision making process is much longer and more complicated. Generally speaking, these clients are different than clients in other markets, e.g. FMCG – they don’t make decisions at a moment’s notice nor are they window shoppers […]

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Internet’s Reaction to Star Wars: The Last Jedi [INFOGRAPHIC]

The wait is finally over! The second instalment in the latest chapter of the Skywalker Saga has arrived and rules this galaxy. At Sotrender, we checked how “The Last Jedi” was welcomed by the Internet community. Is it as hot topic as “The Force Awakens” two years ago? Is Johnson’s movie as exciting for moviegoers and […]

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eSports in Poland is growing

eSports in Poland: Streamers, Gamers and Sponsors

In our third post in our series on eSports (previous posts: 6 Lessons You Can Learn From Analyzing eSports Brands on Social Media & eSports: Are they here to stay?), we’ll be covering the gaming ecosystem in Poland. We’re taking a look at streamers and sponsors as well as running an Audience Scan of Polish gamers. If you want to know more […]

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