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Facebook Hashtags: What Every Marketer Needs to Know

To use or not to use… that’s the question. Hashtags on Instagram and Twitter are simple: you gotta use them. But hashtags on Facebook? That’s not so clear cut.

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Quick Guide to Identifying Bots and Trolls on Social Media

Facebook recently stated that it identified and deleted over 1.3 billion fake accounts over the past 2 quarters. Twitter regularly deletes inactive and fake accounts, deleting on average 6% of all accounts per cleanup.  So how can you identify fake accounts, bots and trolls in social media? When should you react?

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How You Can Use Sentiment Analysis to Improve Your Business

Social media metrics don’t always give you the big picture.  They tell you what’s happening on your social channels, but they lack context. All those numbers are missing the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of it all. But there is one metric that’s different. It adds this context to your social media analysis. It’s called social sentiment. And […]

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