35 Instagram Content Ideas to Cure Creative Block [With Examples]

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. Their number of users is rapidly increasing. But an increasing number of users also means an increasing amount of content. That includes a lot of brands using Instagram as a marketing channel.

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The State of AI Industry in Poland [REPORT]

AI is one of the fastest growing industries and Sotrender is a part of it. Thanks to the grant from NCBR (The National Centre for Research and Development) we have created a Research & Development Team led by experienced scientists – Jakub Nowacki, PhD and Dominik Batorski, PhD (co-founder and Chief Scientist at Sotrender). We […]

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Instagram Stories For Brands: How To Use Them Like a Pro in 2019

Instagram Stories are used by over 400 million people. Every single day. Worldwide. Sounds like it has a lot of potential, doesn’t it? And making stories is a blast too. Adding all those gifs and funny stickers to a short video or quick pic. And let’s be honest; each of us can make one. But […]

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