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German Federal Elections on Social Media: Right-Wing AfD Takes Over

On Sunday the 24th of September; this coming weekend, the German federal elections will be held to see who will be taking parliamentary (Bundestag) seats across the country and more importantly which political party or coalition will win majority and nominate a chancellor for Germany – the position currently held by Angela Merkel. Here we’ll […]

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Indonesia Ride Sharing Apps on Social Media

Indonesia’s Tech Companies Have Billion Dollar Valuations – And Social Media Is Key To That

Ever since the inception of companies like Uber in 2009, ride-sharing apps have taken center stage around the world. Whether it’s their relatively low costs for consumers, convenience and fast growth in the tech industry, this has led to the birth of several Startup Unicorns (startups valued at over $1 billion) around the world. This field […]

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twitter trends uk july 2017

Twitter Trends UK July 2017 – Chain Tweets and K-Pop Take Over

July is over and it’s time to see who took the lead on Twitter in the UK. This month we came across a few more surprises than we expected – with J.K. Rowling and One Direction’s domination over the Twittersphere ending. This gave way to football clubs and players such as Wayne Rooney and Manchester United […]

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