Increasing Twitter engagement is an important step towards building a relationship of trust and loyalty between your brand and your customers. Becoming known as a helpful, responsive, and personal brand by engaging your customers is a must for your social media strategy.

The prime engine of your business is strong relationships with customers. Communication with people evokes a personal attitude towards your company. If your clients relate to you, they will eagerly include your brand into their daily life. Powerful relationships cause credibility and trust. As a result, clients recommend your brand to other people, and your audience grows. 

However, building a real and meaningful connection is hard work to do. Gladly, social media platforms provide an excellent environment for this, and one of the best solutions here is Twitter. Customers already use this website for instant engagement and sharing, so why don’t you consider it as an option? Twitter can become a great tool to keep them informed and build the community around your brand. 

Check these simple tips to use Twitter efficiently, increase Twitter engagement, and improve communication with your clients!

Start analyzing your Twitter performance

Give your followers personal assistance  

Sometimes, your clients will have some problems or questions, which is unavoidable. Twitter allows you to connect with them through direct messages when they need your help or consultation. This platform can serve as another channel for instant customer support, so you shouldn’t neglect such an opportunity. Encourage them to tweet for your assistance and send individual replies in turn – this will make your communication more personal. 

For example, take a look at Etihad airways profile on Twitter. Apart from the main profile, @EtihadAirways, they are also running @EtihadHelp profile which is solely dedicated to customer support.

Thus, when you use Twitter as a customer support channel, make sure that you react to the messages quickly. Specify the hours when you are available for requests. Unless you do so, clients will think that you are available all the time.

Using the example from above, in the majority of social media analytical apps, Sotrender is no exception, you can monitor the response time

Especially for more luxurious or bigger profiles, which have a lot of inquiries, it is worth to monitor this number, also in comparison with direct competitors (the last column on the screenshot below).

Motivate and encourage your fans

People look for warm connections, and the best way to use Twitter is to provide those. Motivating them can be a great idea. Just make sure that you don’t sound irrelevant – if you have never practiced anything like that, you risk to confuse the audience. So make your comments to the point and topical.

Before you craft a motivating post, you need to find out what are the current problems your clients face. Do some research and read the latest posts made by your fans (30-40 people will be enough). 

  • What are the issues they are experiencing? 
  • Are they looking for ways to change their careers? 
  • Or maybe they want to start a healthful lifestyle? 

Compose a small motivational message based on the difficulties people have. This will bring a sense of empathy and support to your branding.

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Address the problems of your clients 

How to tweet effectively? Well, the golden rule of every online resource that provides content is to help people make their lives better. Becoming someone who can solve their problems, you automatically become a part of their lifestyle. Depending on the brand you own, you can post and retweet problem-solving content that is relevant to your products and clients’ needs.

Maybe your service is connected with Chinese food. The great idea is to post exciting seasonal recipes and share cooking ideas with your audience. You can also mention that some ingredients can be purchased in your store! So the promotional purpose can be met as well. However, if you choose such a marketing method, make sure that you keep the content valuable and don’t peddle any services too much.

If you are not sure that you have an idea about customers’ needs, again – look through their pages and profiles to see what they are interested in. Try to identify the most common issues and address them in the posts you locate at your account.

Retweet customers’ posts

When people produce content, they want others to recognize the value of it. This is an immanent feature of human nature, so don’t be shy to use it for your business purposes. Share customers’ posts and show that their thoughts are important to you. When people post something that coincides with your company’s values, this is an excellent chance to retweet the content. Add your comment about the post to show that you take part in a conversation.

Giveaways and contests

Everyone likes free stuff. Starting a giveaway or contest campaign is a good way to increase brand awareness and make customers more loyal to your brand. If you have no exclusive ideas for a contest, offer some small gifts for retweets. People will eagerly share your posts for stuff, and you will gain more attention to your company. The audience of your followers will automatically become your audience.

Just make sure that your small gifts are relevant to the customers. Choose the prize and theme that resonates with people of different ages, social groups, and regions. For example, if you sell natural cosmetics, make sure to offer something that suits all skin types. Keep it simple and universal. 

Start analyzing your Twitter performance

Use hashtags wisely

Hashtags can encourage wide conversation around your brand and spread it across the web. To make this happen, you can create a hashtag campaign to make your fans talking about you. To start an efficient campaign, you should define the aims you follow. 

  • How will you relate to your fans to meet these aims? 
  • How to make your campaign interesting for both old and potential customers? 

You should research your audience again to see what are they talking about and invent a hashtag related to their topics of interest to answer those questions. 

To choose the right hashtags, you can also analyze the ones you’ve already used before or the ones which your competitors are using. To do so, very helpful would be using social media analytical apps, like Sotrender.


The primary tactics of Twitter engagement are personalization, problem-solving, and communication. A social media environment is a place where users connect, find like-minded people, look for appreciation, and encouragement. Using the tactics described above, you can give them everything they need and therefore – increase engagement and brand awareness. Post valuable content, address followers’ problems, support them, retweet their content, and don’t forget to offer some pleasant gifts from time to time. Pay special attention to your Twitter campaign because this platform is extremely efficient when it comes to individual relationships between you and your clients. No matter what tactics you use, make sure that they resonate with the concept of your brand. Good luck and happy tweeting!


Sandra Larson

Sandra Larson is interested in Internet marketing, and namely – storytelling marketing and the ways social media can boost small and large brands. She studies the potential of such platforms as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In her personal blog, she shares the results of her research and provides advice to experienced and new marketers.