Sotrender’s API – when you need social media data

Social media has irreversibly changed marketing. For many industries it’s become the core of their communication, client services, or even sales. At the same time people are better  understanding social media, resulting in a higher need for better measurement. Because of this, we at Sotrender decided to create our own API and share access with clients.

What is API?

To put it simply, API is a type of bridge that connects a data source to an application or panel that seeks to use said data.

Such bridges connect Sotrender with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Thanks to API’s, we’re able to import tons of data we then process and display in a new form. For the benefit of our client’s,  we’ve also created our own metrics, such as the Activity and Interactivity Index.

Even though clients can analyse their social media activity directly through Sotrender’s panel, they sometimes have their own platforms where they would like to see the results of their performance.

For these specific cases, the ability to connect with Sotrender’s API is the perfect solution.

Why have companies decided to use our API?

First of all, we’ve minimized all formalities and procedures as much as we could. Because of this, clients can connect their solutions to the API right after sorting their documents,

Our API serves data from multiple sources. That means if, for example, you’re active on Facebook and Twitter – one Sotrender API will be enough.

Benefits of using our API:

  • full integration with client’s Intranet or app,
  • flexibility in data presentation and visualisations,
  • full tech and analytic support,
  • low costs,
  • simple and quick configuration.

What does Sotrender’s API contain?

Our API sends daily data for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram on a Page/channel level and on a post/video/tweet level.

Next to the original metrics from said platforms, we also send our own metrics.

Before making a decision, we encourage you to familiarise yourself with the full documentation.

How do I get access?

For starters, you need to create and configure an account in the Sotrender app (if you don’t have it yet). Next, add your desired profiles. The API will be able to send data for those exact profiles. After setting up your account, our team will generate unique token assigned to it. With these tokens, you will be able to connect the API to your solutions.

If you’re interested in using the API or have any questions or doubts, contact us by writing to Our consultants will help you with every stage of the process.

What’s the price?

The price depends on the Sotrender package and number of analysed profiles, but it starts from 125 USD per month.

Still wondering if our API is for you? Contact us and we’ll help you find the best option.

Some features have changed. Here's our most recent product update!

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