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Almost every brand that runs social media marketing most probably went for Instagram or Facebook ads at least once. Facebook and Instagram advertising is a great investment, though to make this investment pay off, social media campaigns must be led wisely. Tracking crucial indicators and drawing conclusions should be your priority.

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Best Instagram Ads – Catchy and Creative Ads in our Feeds and Stories

Advertising on social media comes with multiple perks. You can narrow your targeting down almost perfectly when you advertise on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. However, even if you plan your budget perfectly and schedule your ads at the right time, your ads won’t help you reach your goals if the ads themselves are not […]

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Advertising on Instagram: 8 mistakes you shouldn’t make

Advertising on Instagram is so easy! It’s just a graphic and a short text, even a kid would do it! Have you ever heard someone saying things like this? As you’re reading this article, I guess you did, and you already know that it’s far from the truth.  Today we’ll show you what is the […]

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