Pepco Success Story: A Social Media Analytics Case Study

The first three months of 2020 have changed digital consumer behaviours in a quick and vital way. The number of social media users and activities are growing faster and faster and many services have shifted to the Internet. How can you use this opportunity? How can you get noticed among other brands or keep a high position in social media?

We’ve decided to ask a specialist! 😉  Our guest is Diana Voicu, Brand Communication Specialist at Pepco Romania, who will tell us how Sotrender can help in running and analyzing social media channels.

Time of reading – 4 minutes

Why did you decide to start using Sotrender as an analytical tool?

We decided to use Sotrender because of the multitude of modules it offers. It became clear to us that it would be of great help to have all of the necessary information stored in one place, accessible at all times without great effort.

How does Sotrender help you in your daily work?

We use it mainly for reporting. It helps us get a better overview of our social media performance (which content works and which doesn’t for example).

Which application module is the most important for you and why?

Analytics and reporting are the modules that we use on a regular basis because they are very comprehensive and allow us to optimize our social media strategies as we go.

social media report

Which metrics are the most important for you and why?

We monitor top posts because we want to see what types of posts or products yield the most reactions from our customers and this way we can improve our offer and our content plan. We also pay attention to the growth rate of our social media fan base from month to month and the segmentation of our customers.

facebook best posts

Top posts in Sotrender

What has improved in your social media activities since you started using analytics in Sotrender?

We are able to keep track of metrics of interest in a more organized manner. All the information is structured into this single report that shows us what we need to know, instead of checking different sources and platforms.

social media report

The example of key metrics summary in the report and comparison to the previous period.

Do you track and analyze your competitors’ profiles? How do you use Sotrender for this?

Yes, we regularly check what were the top posts of our main competitors in order to see what are the subjects of interest for our customers and maybe integrate them in our own content plan for the future. We also check competitors’ SM activity for different annual reports.

social media report

Top posts  – check the best performing posts (for example by reach, views, or users engagement) to create a communication strategy and keep your audience coming back.

How do you use data about your competitors’ activities? 

We browse their top posts to see if there are any subjects our customers are interested in that we have not yet approached.

What do you value most in the reporting in Sotrender? How often do you prepare reports?

Sotrender makes it very easy to keep track of different KPIs because it has all the information stored in one place. We prepare monthly reports on our Social Media activity and draw conclusions that help us improve our future strategies.

Generate your first report

How does using Sotrender influence the quality and effectiveness of your social media campaigns?

It definitely speeds up the process of preparing reports. The way we did it before was to search in different parts of Facebook Insights or export reports from there. After that, we had to select only what was important for us, take the information from there and put it in a better looking layout so it would take more time. In Sotrender we have everything in one place within a few clicks, we can easily monitor information of interest for both our Facebook and Instagram accounts. And the report layout is much prettier and easier to comprehend.

Sotrender also provides quality information that we can immediately use and integrate into our communication strategies.


Thank you Diana for sharing your experience with Sotrender! 😉

We hope that this interview will be an inspiration for you to start or deepen your analysis of social media profiles and follow current trends!

If you’re still hesitating how to start analyzing your profiles or what metrics are the most important to optimize your activities – contact us at, we’ll be happy to help. 🙂

Share with us which metrics are the most important to you? Have you noticed some challenges in running your social media channel during the pandemic? Let us know in the comments!


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