If you were to tell someone in 1998 that Pokémon would be the most popular topic worldwide in 2016 and that it promotes physical activity and social interaction, they would just laugh. In your face. A lot.

Yet here we are. Pokémon has taken over the world once again with their mobile game, Pokémon Go. On the internet, social media has exploded with post after post about catching Pokémon. The reaction to the game has been overwhelmingly positive, but there have also been a few naysayers since it’s release.

Pokémon positives

A lot has already been said about the positives of Pokémon Go. It promotes physical activity and social interaction. It’s the first successful augmented reality game. It’s giving millennials the most hardcore nostalgia trip of their lives. But there are a few noteworthy things we’ve found through analysing Twitter that may have passed under your radar.

In the cutest turn of events, a young entrepreneur by the name of Athen Salcedo is making glowing badges that will keep Pokémon players safe at night. He’s even got a catchy slogan: “Don’t Go without your Poke Glo.” He’s definitely the very kindest Pokémon trainer, like no one ever was. It’s a heartwarming initiative to see, especially from someone so young. It’s almost as touching as that scene from The Pokémon Movie. Almost.

You can check out is GoFundMe campaign here.

Taking full advantage of the mobility of Pokémon Go, the city of Muncie’s animal shelter is letting kids walk their dogs while they play. It’s always nice to give these animals a little bit of attention while you divert the majority of your attention to fake augmented reality animals.

And last but not least, Pokémon Go is bringing the family closer together. It might not replace the dinner table as a family institution, but it should help to get some of the haters to question their position.

Pokémon negatives

Not everyone is too happy about Pokémon Go. Be it because of players going in places they’re not supposed to, playing at very inappropriate times, or just general disapproval, there’s a bit of hate for Pikachu and pals. Sometimes with hilarious results.

Pokémon Go - The hate is real

Such as this note. Written by some unknown comedic genius, it truly captures his hate for Pokémon. We might not agree with his remarks, but we do appreciate his effort and passion.

But there’s always a less-than-hilarious side. Some cemeteries, such as Arlington National Cemetery, were getting fed up with Pokémon players catching Pokémon on their grounds. A kid getting excited over his latest catch is not exactly the thing people want to see when trying to honour their loved ones. Can you get much worse than that?

Oh, you can get worse. Auschwitz Memorial published a tweet (now taken down) reminding people that it’s disrespectful to play Pokémon at the memorial site and is not allowed. When you have to remind people that they shouldn’t play Pokémon in a Nazi death camp memorial, you’re forced to question the moral state of society. It’s a big oversight for Niantic, the developers of the game. And it’s one that they should address sooner rather than later.

Players just having fun

Thankfully, the people playing Pokémon at such inappropriate places is in the vast minority. Most people are out having fun with the game, and making some pretty entertaining tweets while doing it.

There was a gym in the middle of a lake, and to claim a gym you have to get pretty close to it. So some badass girls decided to kayak into the middle of it and claim it for themselves. That’s commitment, folks.

That’s one sad Bulbasaur… When people are getting more excited about your game than sex, you know you’ve got a pretty good game on your hands. Pokémon is important, but let’s not neglect our partners too much because of it.

Some girls we’re trying to feel superior to the hundreds of Pokémon players gathered together having fun. Thankfully this man was there to put them in there place. No reason to make fun of people for having fun!

Are you having fun with Pokémon Go? Notice any heartwarming, funny, or negative social media posts about it? How many Pokémon have you caught? Feel invited to share in the comments below!