How to use hashtags on Instagram and get meaningful results

Let’s start with a strong statement: hashtags are immensely important on Instagram. You don’t think so? You don’t believe that they work? Well, I have to say that you are doing something wrong then. 😉  Today I’ll guide you through tips for choosing the right hashtags, ways of looking for relevant ones, and analysing the results. 

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Popularity of #stayathome and local equivalent hashtags on Instagram in Europe [INFOGRAPHIC]

#quedateencasa, #resteralamaison, #iostoacasa… With the help of these hashtags, the Spanish, French and Italians are encouraging their fellow citizens to stay at home during the pandemic. We analyzed how often people used the #stayathome hashtag in local languages in countries most affected by the pandemic in Europe, as well as in Sotrender’s homeland – Poland. […]

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Facebook Hashtags: What Every Marketer Needs to Know

To use or not to use… that’s the question. Hashtags on Instagram and Twitter are simple: you gotta use them. But hashtags on Facebook? That’s not so clear cut.

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