Boost your YouTube performance with Sotrender’s tips

A few days after introducing a new set of actionable tips for Facebook marketing Sotrender is going one step forward and presents automated recommendations for YouTube! All the tips are data-driven which means that they are computed on the basis of actual results of your channel updated once a week. Chceck all the aspects regarding a profile, […]

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Facebook hashtags: Should brands use them?

Users love Facebook hashtags! In May 2014 the number of hashtags in users’ posts was two times higher than the number of these posts! Sotrender decided to check the influence of using Facebook hashtags in the posts of brands. We examined a hundred of American and International brands’ pages with over one million fans. Check what you […]

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Photos on Twitter can make your Twitter go boom!

Updated on September 28th, 2017 It’s been more than half a year now, since Twitter became more visual, enabling users to preview photos from what was then Twitter’s picture platform and videos from Vine (now deceased). At Sotrender, we checked the impact of including a link, video or picture on the number of retweets and favorites changed over […]

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