Oh Snap! It’s Instagram Stories!

As you probably already know, Instagram added a new feature called Stories. From now on, besides sharing carefully-crafted pics, you can share a bunch of photos and short films with your friends. The catch is that everything will disappear after 24 hours. Sounds familiar?

Oh yes, you already have a similar app, don’t you? It’s called Snapchat, so why would Instagram use the same idea? Do they think people will prefer using Instagram Stories instead of Snapchat? We decided to check how people reacted to this launch.

What’s the difference?

You already know Instagram Stories are very, very much like Snapchat’s My Story feature, but what are the main differences? Is it the same, better, or is it missing anything?

“Instagram decided to launch stories similar to Snapchat because Mark Zuckerberg couldn’t buy Snapchat so he’s copying their features instead, ” says Ian Cleary of Razor Social “The Snapchat team are very innovative so I don’t expect this to be the last feature that is copied.” This is just the beginning, and there are lot of features that Snapchat has over Instagram Stories.

Even though the central mechanic of Instagram Stories is taken from Snapchat, I believe that Instagram Stories will be more successful. Every move I should take to post a Story on Instagram is well directed by a clear design, and there are fewer buttons and options so it’s faster to post. And as we know – less is often better. It’s simplicity will surely make people think which platform suits them best.

There are a few things that some Snapchat lovers might miss:

  • you can’t download your entire day’s story,
  • there are no face or geo filters,
  • you can’t see if someone took a print screen of your story.

The lack of a print screen notification and the larger space in your phone’s memory isn’t likely to deter users. However, not being able to send your friend funny face swaps or goofy dog faces might be a real deal breaker for some.

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But it’s still early, and it’s hard to tell who will win for sure. Tomasz Sulewski is betting on the underdog: “The owners of Snapchat have proved dozen of times that they feel what they’re users need, so I believe that they will surely surprise us. As for Instagram – well, right now they’re the copycat. But maybe they will wake up.” With some competition, Snapchat might just step up to the plate.

Instagram Stories has one killer feature

However, there is one feature that simply kills Snapchat: the sense of community.

Instagram worked at it for years, creating an app that is beloved by millions who check it every single day to comment, like, and search for new inspiration and favourite profiles. And from now on, they will see Instagram Stories in their feed every day.

Even if they haven’t check it out by now, they eventually will. How do I know that? I’m dying to see how some awesome photos are created, and who the authors are behind my favourite Instagram accounts! This urge to see other people’s lives is what drives Snapchat’s success, so why wouldn’t it work for Instagram as well?

So… are people and brands going to switch from Snapchat to Instagram?

Right now, Instagram has over 500 million active users per month. Snapchat only has 200 million. Will there be a shift in those numbers soon? Will Snapchat slowly die, and Instagram blossom even more?

From what we’ve seen in this Adage article about Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat, brands are definitely going to use Instagram Stories more often. For example, during the first day of Instragram Stories being available, Nike generated 800, 000 views in 24 hours, while the best score on Snapchat untill now was 66, 000 views, according to Nike and its social media agency Laundry Service. These numbers speak for themselves.

From what we noticed on Twitter, there are already two teams: #TeamInstagramStories and #TeamSnapchat.


Some people are confused

Some are already obsessed

And of course there are people who decided to use Instagram Stories only to promote… their Snapchat accounts:

What are YOU going to do?

So now is your turn! Tell us if you’re going to stay on Snapchat or start a new adventure on Instagram Stories. Or maybe you can do both? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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