Instagram Analytics: 11 Metrics You Should Be Tracking As a Brand

Want to learn how you can leverage Instagram analytics to your advantage? You’ve come to the right place.

Instagram is one of the largest and most engaging social media platforms out there, and analyzing your performance can help you to understand its mechanisms better.

How to check the impact that your content and campaigns have on your audience? Which Instagram metrics should you focus on while measuring your performance? Let’s find out.

Best Metrics for Instagram Analytics

Here are the top Instagram metrics that are worth tracking, and you can easily check them with Sotrender.

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1. Number of Followers

This one is a straightforward metric that you should be tracking when you check Instagram analytics. As the name suggests, this metric shows you the current number of followers that you have on Instagram.

Your goal here is to observe the chart to figure out if there’s growth, decline, or stagnation in the number of followers of your Instagram account.

Based on the insights from this metric, you can understand if your content is having a positive impact on your audience or not.

For instance, if the chart is a flat line that indicates that the brand isn’t doing enough to grow its following.

the number of instagram followers

Measuring the number of followers in Sotrender

2. Follower Growth Rate

While you may have observed growth or decline in your number of followers, it’s also essential to understand how quickly they’re growing or reducing. 

This is yet another point where Instagram analytics can help you. All you have to do is look for the “Follower growth rate” metric.

instagram growth rate

Analyzing the total growth rate in Sotrender

It indicates the percentage growth or decline in your number of followers and gives you an idea of the impact of individual posts that you’ve published on the platform. 

For instance, a controversial post might end up having a significant impact on your follower growth rate. It gives great social media feedback into your audience’s perception of the content you created.

3. Reach

Reach is yet another important metric that you need to measure when you’re going about Instagram analytics. It helps you determine the number of people you’ve managed to reach by publishing your content on Instagram.

The greater the reach, the more people you’ve managed to reach through your content. A great way of boosting your reach on Instagram is through videos. They are typically shared twice as much as other content.

You can use Premiere Pro presets to quickly edit your videos and upload them to Instagram for the best results.

The goal here should be to grow your reach as much as possible to give a boost to your brand awareness. This, in turn, can also help you attract new followers as some people who see your content might be interested in seeing it regularly.

4. User Activities

Getting a huge reach isn’t enough to grow your business through Instagram. In fact, what matters even more than the reach is the actions that your audience takes after seeing your content.

This essentially accounts for the engagement that your content on Instagram generates and you can identify this figure by checking your engagement rate or learning more about the number of engagements.

However, while engagement is important, what’s even more important is the form of engagement generated.

The engagement could be in the form of likes, shares, comments, replies, and even saves. Each activity here has a different value altogether. For instance, comments, replies, and shares are of great importance as they indicate a greater interest in the content than a simple like.

user activities on instagram

Analyzing user activities in Sotrender

This helps you understand how effective each post was for your business. Additionally, you can map out the user activities to different days to figure out the best day to publish your content. 

What’s more?

You can see which form of user activity dominates all the user engagement for your Instagram account. This insight can help you determine if you need to change your current approach to Instagram marketing.

Sotrender also shows the content type that generated the best user activities so that you can decide on your content calendar based on it.

5. Profile Views/Clicks

The next important metric that you need to track is the profile views and clicks.

You need people – your prospective clients – to see your Instagram profile. If you get them there, they’re likely to make the next steps like becoming a follower, heading to your website, contacting you, etc.

It’s due to this reason that you need to track the daily profile views. This gives you an idea of the number of people visiting your profile to check it out.

But this metric only does half the job.

Getting people to visit your profile doesn’t mean that they’ll take action there. That’s why it’s crucial to also look at the profile clicks metric. 

This metric helps you understand what actions your profile visitors are taking. These include website clicks, phone clicks, directions clicks, text message clicks, and email clicks.

As a result, you’ll know if your content and profile are driving your lead generation efforts.

instagram profile clicks

Analyzing Instagram profile link clicks in Sotrender

6. Activity Index

The Activity Index gives you a brief look into the level of engagement that your audience has with your brand and its content on Instagram. It’s a weighted average of the user activities on your profile and helps you figure out if the overall engagement with your brand is increasing or decreasing.

activity index instagram

Analyzing Activity Index in Sotrender

Mapping this to various days of the week can also help you identify those days where your user engagement is maximum. It’s those days that you should target for publishing new content to start gaining traction and more Instagram followers.

7. Impressions

Impressions is among other important Instagram metrics that you should track. It’s a brand awareness metric like reach but is slightly different from it.

While reach shows you the number of unique people who’ve seen your posts, Reels, or Stories, impressions is the number of times the particular content asset was seen.

impressions on instagram

Analyzing impressions in Sotrender

A greater number of impressions doesn’t necessarily mean that more people are seeing your content. It could also be that a few of your followers or audience are seeing your content multiple times. For example, you can check how your followers react to live shopping links in your posts.

Additionally, with Sotrender, you can see the impressions that each type of your post generates. This further gives you an insight into what content performs the best among your audience.

impressions by media type on instagram

Analyzing impressions by media type in Sotrender

8. Follower Demographics

Another crucial Instagram metric that you should measure while going through your Instagram analytics is follower demographics.

You may have loads of followers, and your follower growth rate might be good too, but it’s essential to understand if your follower demographics match those of your target audience or not.

This is where the follower demographics comes into play. It shows you various characteristics of your followers such as:

  • Language
  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
follower demographics on instagram

Checking and analyzing follower demographics in Sotrender

It further groups the followers into individual categories based on these demographics to give you a holistic view of your current follower base on the platform. You can then match this with your target audience to understand if your follower base has similar demographics. 

What’s more?

Even when you’re planning some strategic partnerships with other brands in your industry, follower demographics will come into the picture. Using them, you’ll be able to figure out if there’s an intersection between your audience and theirs. This, in turn, would help you decide whether it’s worth partnering with them or not.

9. Online Followers

How do you identify the right time to publish your posts or Stories on Instagram? 

Well, one way of going about it is by seeing the time when the activity index is maximum based on historical trends. 

The other way, however, is pretty straightforward.

It involves follower activity analytics. It’s possible to find out when your followers are online during the day and week. This is where the online followers metric comes into play. It gives you insight into the number of followers online on an hourly basis. 

online followers instagram

Tracking online followers on Instagram, Sotrender

Additionally, you can see this data for each day of the week. As a result, you’d be able to find the exact day and time in a particular week when most of your followers are going to be online. 

Using this information, you can schedule your posts to be published during those hours for maximum engagement and reach.

10. CPC & CPM

Sotrender’s Instagram metrics aren’t restricted to organic metrics. You can even track metrics related to paid ads using this platform. One of the most important ones among them are, of course, CPC and CPM.

You’d like to keep the CPC and CPM as low as possible to ensure optimal budget utilization and get maximum reach and clicks. With Sotrender Ads, you can easily see the CPC and CPM for different ads against various parameters like age, gender, and platform.

CPC in Sotrender Ads

Analyzing CPC in Sotrender Ads

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11. Audience Share

The audience share shows you which segments of your audience you’ve managed to reach, and where. 

audience share

Measuring Audience Share in Sotrender Ads

This helps you figure out if your ad campaign was effective and well-targeted.

Additionally, you can also understand what changes need to be made to ensure that you’re reaching the audience you want to reach.

Reports Generation in a Jiffy

Reports are essential for understanding the progress of your campaigns. They’re even more important if you’re an agency as you’d need to provide reports to your clients regularly.

However, the process of preparing reports can be quite time-consuming and intensive. 

With Sotrender, it becomes simple.

You can quickly generate reports by selecting the sections you want in the report and the time period. 

reported sections

Once you’ve selected the parameters for the report, Sotrender creates one within minutes. And there you have it – an extensive ready-to-share report.

Instagram Metrics Explained

Instagram is a great platform for building and growing your brand online. It helps you boost your awareness, drive lead generation, and grow your revenue.

However, to make the most out of your marketing efforts, it’s essential to leverage Instagram analytics well. By tracking various metrics, you’ll be better placed to make important marketing decisions for the platform. 

These Instagram metrics include follower metrics, reach, profile views and clicks, impressions, user activities, and more.

Use these stats together to design your Instagram marketing strategy and grow your clout on the platform. Finally, keep track of your analytics regularly and modify your strategy accordingly to get the best results on Instagram.

Start analyzing your Instagram performance

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