Sotrender Lite – a help for social media marketing for smaller businesses

UPDATE: From the 9th of May 2017: new pricing is available. Read further about our latest changes and features. If you are a blogger, you can have a FREE subscription to one social media profile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram AND YouTube Lite version of Sotrender is created to help smaller and local businesses as well […]

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New Home on Android and Facebook for all

Yesterday’s meeting on Facebook revealed the truth about latterly discussed Facebook phone. Mark Zuckerberg and his co-workers presented the new family of apps named ‘Facebook Home’, that will function with every phone working on Android OS. The gossip, of soon to be released HTC First, being the first Facebook phone, turned out to be partly […]

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Holiday Season on Facebook

In a few days we will all be wishing Happy Easter. We will have more time to relax and spend with our families. But will we have a break not only from work but also from Facebook? We have compared holidays to the prior and following periods in the last years to check if our […]

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