Improved competition comparison in Sotrender!

At Sotrender we’re working hard everyday to make our clients happy. One of our tool’s features that we are the most proud of is competition comparison. We know our clients use it frequently, so we decided to make it even better.

Our new comparison is a revolution, with more available data and the option to save the groups you’re comparing. If you work for one client and you report to them, save them as a group so you can go back to it any time you want. We have changed the place of the competition comparison in Sotrender’s dashboard. From now on you will find it on the top right (instead of being in left-side menu).

where to find competitors

Comparison tab for Competitor Analysis

We have also revamped the main comparison panel. You can now see here the most important data such as fan number, engagement, reactions, and response time.

car brands comparison dashboard 1

Main panel of the new competition comparison.


You can still check the change in fan number and interactivity, because we know how important is to you. Don’t forget to try out the brand new charts on activities, where you can check what user activities were elicited from posts. You can get to them from the left-side menu.

What you can compare using the comparison tool report generator

We also added a comparison of different kinds of post frequency, so you can discover which are the most popular among your competition. This will allow you to see if it has any effect on other metrics, such as engagement or reach.

Post types competitors - Sotrender, social media for analytics.

Types of posts in competition comparison

An extremely important and useful feature to mention is the brand-new shared posts archive. Here you can find posts from all compared Pages. With this you can now see which posts were the most engaging and try to use their strategy in your own communication. We also designed a separate tab with the types of posts used by compared Pages. Thanks to this, you will know what kinds of posts are the most popular among your competiotn, and see if it has some effect on their (and your) communication strategy.

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We have also decided to similarly present fan segmentation. This will help you to compare engagement on these Pages. You will be able to see which Page has the most engaged audience or is more engaging than others. As we all know, the goal of every brand in social media is to constantly engage people with their communication. Thanks to this function you will be able to get to know who has the most Occasional fans, who has the biggest potential for having efficient brand ambassadors, etc.

Fan Segmentation  - Sotrender, social media for analytics.

Fan segmentation in new competition comparison.

The new comparison features are now available for Facebook only, but we are working hard to implement it in our other analysed social platforms – Twitter and YouTube.

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