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Your brand doesn’t exist in an empty space; there is always fierce competition in every market. Social media is no exception. With Sotrender, you can learn from your “foes” how to conduct effective (or not-so-effective) communication over social media. From now on learn from their successes and avoid their mistakes.

Where to find competition comparison in Sotrender platform

Where to find competition comparison in Sotrender platform

It’s easy to track your competitors on Sotrender. Just add them to the platform and start comparing their performance in social media with your own. You can find Competition comparison in your Facebook Dashboard. It gives you a quick and insightful glimpse into their activities.

Overview of Competition Tracking in Sotrender

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Besides a numerical comparison, we also give you an opportunity to see the comparison on several charts, which visualizes the data and makes it easier to read and interpret. You can compare your fan number, Engagement, Interactivity Index, Relative Interactivity, and Page Activity with up to eight different profiles.

Engaged users on daily basis – Competition Tracking in Sotrender


You can turn profiles on and off so that you can compare your activities with either all chosen profiles or with a subset of them and observe the changes over time. You’re even able to track the exact day when your competitors had the best results.

What’s more, after adding your competition profiles to our platform, you can check what caused such great results, what they posted, what kind of engagement they have, and what kind of content engaged the most users.

Daily activities - Competition Tracking in Sotrender

Daily activities – Competition Tracking in Sotrender

Using this information, you can prepare your communication in a way that can repeat their success, or even beat it. You can also check what proved to be unsuccessful and avoid their mistakes.

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