Introducing Social Inbox for Facebook in Sotrender! [Product Update]

Moderation is a necessary part of managing any social media platform. It is a way of regulating content, responding to concerns, and maintaining the quality of your profile. Without moderation on Facebook, your responses would be disorganized. That means you wouldn’t be able to control your brand image and customer service would decline in quality. […]

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20 Strategies to Create Successful Content When Social Media Engagement is Declining

Many companies are currently facing a decline in social media engagement. According to last year’s Convince and Convert report, social media engagement only across the U.S. has dropped 4%, while previously it was reported to have grown 7.7% over 9 years. 

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What Facebook insights are crucial for your business, and why

Social media is a powerful tool for businesses, and there is a considerable amount of faith in this platform. However, few entrepreneurs entirely understand what it has to offer. According to Sprout Social, 93% of marketers use Facebook ads to promote their brands.

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