Facebook Trends UK July 2017 – Football is coming home

What happened on Facebook in July in the UK? A lot of exciting growths, but predictable events as well. Analysing it this month was really enjoyable – and not just because of a funny post by Burger King or transfer window gossip. Have a look at our takeaways!

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Hello from the other side, Adele…

‘cause it’s again Manchester United who have the highest number of fans – and the number is still increasing! Should she be scared of David Beckham and BBC News now?


The Transfer Window is here!

Seemingly the whole of the UK now lives and breathes football transfer gossip. These two Manchester United posts were some of the most popular in the whole report. Obviously, they are connected with selling (a legend, actually) & buying new players.


The popularity of football is also reflected in engagement statistics – football clubs really shine bright now and they notice a growth of storytellers. And no wonder everyone is talking about the rumours – Wayne Rooney came back from Manchester United to his hometown club Everton, that always held a special place in his heart, while Romelu Lukaku went the opposite way.



Retail cares

Customer service statistics in retail were really impressive – with the time of reaction less than one hour for the majority of retailers who have more than 70% of posts with reaction. Some industries don’t have holidays, do they?


Engaged FMCG audience

This must be a busy, hard-working summer for FMCG moderators, content designers and strategists. Engagement growths are really impressive in this area, causing more reactions, more comments and more shares (so, more work –  no lazy days for marketing departments!).


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Is Burger King a Content King?

There’s not only one King of Facebook, but the post below went pretty viral, with more than 23,000 reactions and over 1,000 shares. Well, who doesn’t recognize that Burger King Crown?


Rise like a Phoenix

This is what we can tell about active users in the drinks industry. Two brands – 7UP and Drench – experienced amazing growth thanks to engaging communication. Also, 7UP is new in our ranks – what a start!


So, KFC or McDonalds?

Whatever your choice (or no choice) is, the truth is that both brands rock on social media in the UK and month-by-month lead ranks of the most engaging and best posts. There’s nothing surprising in our July set then – they made a crazy engagement with their content below.


All is said and done

Politics saw a significant decrease in engagement, as the drama connected to the election, manifestos and rumours has wound down coinciding with the Parliamentary Summer recess. Social media in the UK can take a breath now – we noticed drops among the Top 9 rankings.


Netflix, how could you?

Not much. They just published quite a few trailers of new series, new episodes and new seasons. It was done at a glance, and it was enough to trigger a 282% growth in engagement. Easy.


Engaging alcohol brands

Also alcoholic drinks can show off their good engagement on social media with impressive growths varying from 23% to 5951%. Is that because of the rainy summer, or just summer full stop?


Are they going in One Direction?

They are all still extremely popular, but July belongs to Louis Tomlinson, who released his new single, a blockbuster called “Back to You”. Thanks to uploading the video on his Facebook page he engaged a lot of old and new audiences and attracted them with his music.


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