Facebook Trends UK May 2017 – Video posts rule and new additions to the reports

Sotrender is happy to present the 22nd edition of Facebook Trends UK – the first comprehensive report on the Facebook industry in the United Kingdom. We analysed reach, engagement, customer service, and content on Facebook in 20 integral industries. What are the biggest UK Facebook profiles? Which ones know how to engage their fans? Read the report and learn a little bit more about the social media landscape in the United Kingdom.

The report contains data for 20 different industries present on Facebook in the UK. These include: Alcohols, Arts and entertainment, Athletes, Beer, Consumer electronics, Cosmetics, Digital media, Energy, Football clubs, Football players, Internet portals, Music, Musicians, People, Restaurants, Shoes, Spirits, Sports, Sweets, and TV Programmes.

The best performing profiles

This May, Mic published the most successful post on Facebook UK. They’re a news and media brand aimed aimed at a younger audience. It was a video describing the new technology that allows a person to tattoo ‘sounds’ onto their skin. The comments section blew up with people sharing their thoughts on it, both positive and negative.

The second and third most successful posts were made by Channel 4 and Capital FM. Channel 4 shared a video about a girl being upfront about a condition she has while on a date. Capital FM also published a video comparing Beyonce’s dance routine to that of Mexican Breakfast, which are very, very similar.


Those are all interesting posts, but what can you take away from all this? Post more videos! That’s what people want to see, and that’s what they get engaged with. So try to produce or share your own video content on Facebook.

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The most engaging profiles

We are always updating and adding profiles to our trends reports, and a few of those new additions made it to the top of our rankings. Those new additions are marked on the graph with a flashy orange ‘N’. The most engaging pages this May were Channel 4 (1 857 739 engaged users), E4 (1 499 497 engaged users), and Relationship Rules (1 145 849 engaged users).

Facebook Trends UK May 2017

The best customer service

Customer service on Facebook can do wonders for your brand. It might not have been the first thing to cross your mind, but you should give it a look! It can strengthen your brands online presence and improve your fans opinion of you. And if you need any inspiration, just check out these top performers: SportPesa Care (6 506 reactions), Virgin Media ( 3 024 reactions), and Tesco (2 150).

Facebook Trends UK May 2017

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