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Social media platforms give enormous opportunities to get to know your clients. You just have to know where to find relevant data and how to use it. In Sotrender, we have 7-years of expertise in analyzing and interpreting data from the four biggest social media platforms – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

Using our Audience Scan special report prepared by the Sotrender Research Team, you’ll be able to get to know your real audience even better. You can gather some demographic data from Facebook Insights, but it doesn’t tell you what they are interested in, what is their favorite movie or who is the most influential celebrity or influencer for them.

What is more, you can check the interests and influences among Custom Audiences – be it your existing customers, hot leads or newsletter subscribers – you name it.

Why should you scan your audience?

Social media is cluttered, let’s be honest about that fact. There are over 1 bn monthly active users on Facebook and millions of Pages fighting for their attention. That’s why you must be sure that what you publish is interesting for your audience. They simply don’t have the time or need to engage in uninteresting content.

Audience Scan is much more detailed that Facebook Audience Insights and can analyse any selected group or saved Custom Audience.

Audience Scan is useful not only in social media marketing but can also replace surveys and is better because it relies on what people do, not what they say. We all know that declarations and real actions can be different.

You can also scan different demographic groups of your audience. Millennials may (and do) have different interests, follow different influencers than older generations, users from different states and countries.

How is it different from Facebook Audience Insights?

Just like with our Interest Analysis, Audience Scan is not limited to your own audience; you can scan various demographic groups on all of Facebook based on the following variables:

  • age
  • gender
  • place of living
  • relationship status
  • frequency of certain activities on Facebook, e.g. check-ins, posting photos etc.

You can find some of this data in Facebook Audience Insights; however, an Audience Scan offers deeper insights and details. What is more, Audience Insights are not available for small databases, while it’s not a problem for Audience Scan. The most important advantage of Audience Scan is the fact that you can scan any given target group. You can scan the demographic structure of your competitors’ fan base and use this knowledge in your marketing strategy.

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Benefits of Audience Scan

Are you searching for an influencer for your campaign? Do you want to check your predictions about your target group? Do you want to know how to communicate with your existing fan base and real customers? Audience Scan is perfect for those tasks.

Interests of sample group form Audience Scan report.

Thanks to the Affinity Index, you’ll know who is the most influential in your target group (even if they aren’t influential on a global level). Sometimes it’s better to choose an influencer not so popular among general audience, but perfectly suited to your audience.

Our Audience Scan will also help you to determine which media are the most popular among your target group and which they follow more than other demographic groups.

If you scan your own Custom Audience or fans of a certain profile, you can determine in what ways they differ from the rest of Facebook users and know their detailed demographic structure.


Audience Scan is a perfect piece of research when you want to know intricate details about your target group, your fans or even your newsletter subscribers. Thanks to it, you’ll be able to create an even better communication strategy, identify influencers relevant for your audience and target the right people in the right way.


This is just one example of how Sotrender takes terabytes of data and identifies what your business needs to improve your social media marketing.

We know you have tons of questions about your marketing strategy, and trust us when we say the answers are in the data. We’re just here to help you find them. If you’re interested in an Audience Scan, please contact us at

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