14 Facebook post ideas for each and every brand

A lack of creativity – like many things in the world – just happens sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s not an irregular event. But nowadays, you need far more than a your average post to attract your audience’s attention instead of losing them to your competitors. And if you don’t enhance your strategy with creative ideas that work towards your business goals, your performance is going to weaken.

So how do you drive crazy engagement and make people fall in love with your brand with interesting content? Well, we put some ideas together to help with just that 😉

1. Quotation

It’s not rocket science; people just love a good quote. Try to use some simple tools (we covered some visual tools in our article HERE), add some quotes (remember about copyrights!) and publish it on your page. it might just work for your brand.

2. Voting

Even if there’s nothing to win, people love fighting and arguing. But don’t be alarmed! We don’t mean crisis management or promoting hate in the comments – we’re talking about letting people choose between a few options. Show your products in a comparison and let people decide or vote which one they like most. It’s a great source of feedback for your brand as well!

3. New product/delivery/improvement

Your content should be an example of hard selling, but from time-to-time you should familiarize your audience with any crucial updates. Your product has a new flavour? Introduced some essential improvements? Share the story about it and demonstrate why it’s important.

4. Other social media channels

There’s nothing wrong with encouraging your audience from one platform to start following you on another. There are many people who use both Facebook along with Instagram or Twitter – and they should know that they can reach you in more than one place! You shouldn’t overuse this kind of content, but you should definitely make people aware of your presence here and there.

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5. Offer
Many brands include special offers in their social media strategy. By sharing offers that are unique to their social media fan-base, they make their fans and followers feel noticed and appreciated. Also, it helps in terms of measuring conversion and seeing your social media’s real impact on shopping decisions. There are a few ways to do it – by simply putting a discount code/password in one of your posts, or by using a special ad form, ‘Offer’, which allows your audience to get generated codes for themselves. This second form looks professional and can be quite useful.

6. Contest
Hurray! Contests are what can keep your social media presence going – as long as they are maintained properly. Remember that there are many people who don’t want to interact with your brand AT ALL – they just want to gain some freebies. If you set up a contest in the correct way (e.g. for customers who made purchases already), you can avoid unpleasant situations such as an avalanche of contestants who have no idea what your brand is about and who are unlikely to be convinced by your activities. Also, keep an eye on the legal side of your contests – they should go along with Facebook’s terms & conditions as well as your own country’s regulations.

7. Backstage photos/human face
Show your brand’s true colours by giving people a glimpse of who’s behind it. Each and every employee has an interesting story about their roles and what they do for the company. Don’t be afraid to share! Or there might be a few events your audience doesn’t know about, but could be potentially interested. Let people get to know your brand a bit more, and don’t be scared of showing your humanity a little – it can work wonders for your company and its social media strategy.

8. Link posts to valuable content (not only yours)
Undoubtedly, it’s always great to provide value to your audience. One of the best ways to do so is to share some helpful articles, blog posts, or reviews that are connected, directly or not, to your brand and industry. Ideally, it works best if you link to your own blog or website, but there’s nothing wrong about sharing content from other websites as well. Don’t be afraid to use that share button and add a few of your own insights or words. Just don’t copy-paste anything!

9. infographics
The process of preparing infographics is often linked to one phrase – time consuming. Fortunately, there are many tools that combine with your ideas and result in creating something interesting pretty quickly. Also, infographics that are put on social media shouldn’t be very long (because of the dimensions of posts). Don’t overload them with information, because they won’t be visible to everyone, like mobile users. You can prepare short infographics with the most crucial data and publish it on your social media platforms with a link to your blog or the full version of it. And on top of all that, they’re highly shareable for your users.

source: canva

10. Simple questions
No matter how cliché it might seem, it really works. Ask your audience some questions and get to know them a little better. You might be surprised how many replies (and insights) you’ll get.

11. Real time marketing
How do you win your customers hearts? By cheeky real-time marketing, of course! It can help attract not only your target groups but also others, therefore boosting your social media presence. We covered this matter in a previous post here.

12. Friend tagging
It can’t be applied to every piece of content, but some of your posts can easily be enhanced by adding some information about tagging friends. Encourage your followers to tag people who might be interested in your product, who might partake in your services, or who can relate to the content of your post.


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13. User generated content
Don’t be scared of content prepared by your users (just keep in mind that you need their approval before using photos or contest replies). If they sent you a nice picture with or referring to your product/services, publishing it on your Page might make them feel appreciated, and therefore make them more loyal brand ambassadors. Our segmentation feature can help with that – you can see who your most engaged followers are and it can give you an idea how to turn them into brand evangelists.

14. Slideshows/videos
Animated or interactive content is usually welcomed warmly by audiences (and is also highly shareable, which reflects in higher reach and engagement). Nowadays, it’s not that difficult to prepare your own video content (with some external tools that you can read about here) or a slideshow (even using Facebook’s native features – by uploading a few photos). Give it a try!

We hope that our ideas gave you a few insights. You can also get familiar with our free Trends reports to see what kind of content works best for over 40 industries. Looks like you have some work to do, doesn’t it?


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