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Let us help you explore your brand's social media presence and its position against the competition
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If you aim to improve your brand’s online exposure, you've come to the perfect place – we love challenges and extracting information from data.

We have over 12 years of experience working with consumer brands, agencies, and research institutions, as well as our own databases and research team.

Our experienced analysts are able to produce both quick reports as well as custom solutions tailored to individual needs.

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Our offer

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Strategic toolkit for performance assessment

Discover your brand's position against the competition (over 4000 brands).
Benchmark yourself against the entire market, category and key competitors - find out who has the best communication strategy.
Use this data to define your USPs and to refine your communication strategy.

Social media customer service audit

Compare your social media customer service effectiveness against industry or competitors.
Monitor response times, response rates and customer satisfaction in order to improve the effectiveness of your customer service team.
Save time with intelligent reports. Monitor who has effective customer service and who is falling behind.

Analysis of opinions and content on any brand, product or topic

Discover trends and insights on any topic (e.g., purchasing habits and opinions on competitors' products or your own).
Helpful when developing products and services based on industry trends.
Use for strategic communication planning (organic and paid) across different target groups.

Real-time trend exploration

Enables detecting relevant topics and trends from Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and other channels at a very early stage.
Data available on dedicated panels, reports, or as a raw data sets.
Enriched with sentiment analysis (most positive and negative trends).

Analysis and recommendations of opinion leaders

Assessing the potential and fit between an influencer and brand (or campaign) requirements, goals and target audience.
Assessing the risks of working with selected opinion leaders.
Facilitating the selection of influencers - from mega to micro-influencers.

Custom dashboards integrating data from different sources

Guarantee of data consistency in terms of its timeliness and methods of analysis.
Data presented and accessible in an interactive form.
Use during workshops, group works, meetings or events.

We are open to any challenges

Our team of experienced data analysts is able to prepare any kind of custom data intelligence solution. We will plan the entire research process and provide substantive consultation.

Jan Zając

Jan Zając

Ph. D., CEO
Dominik Batorski

Dominik Batorski

Ph. D., Chief Scientist
Aleksander Winciorek

Aleksander Winciorek

Insights Leads
In the work of analysts, it’s important to have transparent access to as many records as possible. Cooperation with Sotrender offers that comfort. A big advantage of the reports is their structure – large amounts of comprehensive data presented in a clear and easy-to-read manner, allowing for better observation of various types of dependencies. In addition, the company offers a number of personalized, innovative solutions that make day-to-day tasks easier.

Marta Gromada

Head of the Information Space Monitoring and Analysis Team, NASK

Sotrender proved to be a tool that allowed us to discover and understand the preferences of our target audience. Its big plus is definitely its simple implementation and intuitive usage, thanks to which it has gained a lot of supporters in our team. It also proved to be a big support in developing strategies for specific social media channels.

Klaudia Staniewska

Social Media Specialist, Decathlon

Reports from Sotrender provide us with plenty of insights every time. When summarizing our activities for "Męskie Granie", we found the engagement data (shown on the matrices) particularly valuable. By adding sentiment analysis (also year-on-year) and comparison with similar events, we are able to conduct even more effective activities each time and increase customer satisfaction with cooperation with us.

Szymon Grzybczyk

Social Media Team Leader, Feeders Agency