41 marketing definitions you need to know!

How many “types” of marketing have you ever come across? And how many of them do you really understand? It is essential to be able to differentiate between types of marketing and use those that are actually beneficial for your brand (and those you really understand the meaning of).

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Take advantage of the buzz with real time marketing

The Academy Awards Ceremony is coming up soon! While you’re guessing the winners and losers, your brand can be also be awarded… by making the most of real time marketing.

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Do you know all of these marketing acronyms? Check it out!

Do you fancy yourself a marketing guru, where nothing can surprise you? Do you dream about social media, waking up with your fingers ready to scroll Facebook? Breathe marketing in and out and falling asleep by counting all your likes? But then comes the day when you get stumped by a suspicious set of letters; […]

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