Benchmarking – What is it really?

In the field of marketing, there are lots of words that people know but can’t explain. One of them is benchmarking. And today we’re going to not only explain it to you, but also show you how important it is for every brand’s social media performance.

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Last Christmas

Christmas hit on Facebook (Last Christmas by Wham)

You can always tell that Christmas is coming when you start hearing Christmas songs everywhere you go. Love em or hate em, they are a staple of the holiday tradition. We got a little curious about them, so for fun we decided to analyze one of them most essential Christmas songs: Last Christmas by Wham. […]

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Christmas in the air – Get prepared on social media! Tips & tricks for the holiday season.

Yay! Christmas is coming! Everywhere you look you can see the lights, the trees, and the ads – and you might even have had a Christmas e-commerce and marketing fever for a good month now. All these Black Fridays have you feeling powerless and you don’t know what to do for the final lap before Christmas. We […]

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