What is Quora and why does it matter in marketing?

Content is king… but that doesn’t really mean that’s all you need. Being a recognized expert in a particular industry is a status that everyone would love to have! That’s why your marketing and promotion activities shouldn’t be limited to sending newsletters and posting on Facebook. One thing you should definitely take into consideration is […]

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San Escobar – A new country on the world map

A few days ago, the small but proud (although fake) nation of San Escobar drew the attention of the entire world, when the Polish minister of Foreign Relations named the allegedly Caribbean country as one the nations supporting Poland as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council. However, the minister later said he meant St. Kitts […]

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Anti-trends 2017 – what will NOT happen in social media?

Here at Sotrender, we understand and appreciate the power of trends. We analyze them all the time, but we also like doing things a bit outside of the box. So, while everyone is asking about social media trends, we asked some influencers what definitely WON’T work in social media in the upcoming year.

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