What does your target audience value the most? [Listonic Case Study]

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We’re certain that the majority of marketers already know how important the ongoing process of recognizing and understanding their target audience is.

There are many reasons for that, but the main one speaks for itself: the increase in sales profits. At Sotrender, we see the increasing trend within many companies, regardless of size, to broaden their knowledge of both potential and current clients. The answer to these needs can be found with our Audience Scan research.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the most interesting conclusions from our Audience Scan research, which was done for Listonic by the Sotrender Analytics Team.

Make your shopping easier!

Listonic is an application that creates shopping lists. Are you the kind of person who needs to take note of the things they need to buy? Do you often forget these notes at home instead of taking them with you to the shop? Those notes might be easy to forget, but we’re sure that, just likes us, you very rarely leave home without your smartphone!

Listonic was made for people like us. Apart from enabling users to make shopping lists, the app also offers other useful features:

  • It synchronizes between devices you are using the app on (you can create/ update a list on your laptop when you’re at home and then see the exact same list on your mobile phone when you’re in the shop).
  • Sharing lists with others (you can create a list and share it with your partner/ wife/ husband to make sure he/she doesn’t forget anything).
  • Automatic segregation of products on your list (dairy, fruits, vegetables, etc).
  • Quick look at current promotions and special offers at the most popular discount stores.

Listonic app

And these are only a few of the features available in the app!

What is an Audience Scan?

Audience Scan is a type of research which offers a lot of insight into your target audience – their interests, preferences, and behaviours.

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What can be analyzed in Audience Scan?

Audience Reports can be carried out in 2 ways:

  1. Audience Scan for a particular brand based on data from Custom Audiences.
  2. Fan Scan for a particular brand on Facebook, based on public data.

For Listonic, the Sotrender Research Team conducted the research based on more than 120 000 people – actual clients (users) of the Listonic app.

The aim of the research was to get to know their real audience better. That was mainly the values which are most important to them, but also their interests and general preferences.

Which data is most important on the charts in the results? The Affinity Index, which is a measure of the relative similarity of the composition of two categories/characteristics. If the Index value is greater than 100 then the selected category fits better to the selected audience.

Reading Audience Scan charts

In the charts below, you can always find information such as:

  • The name of the category/interest which is being verified.
  • The percentage of the entire Facebook population who is interested in this category.
  • The percentage of the target audience who is interested in this category.
  • Affinity Index.
  • A graph, on which:

– Blue indicates the percentage of the Facebook population that is interested in the verified category.
– Light orange indicates the percentage of the target audience that is interested in the verified category.
– With orange, we indicate the elements which are worth being highlighted in each case.

The charts may be interpreted from two perspectives:

  • The size of the target audience (percentage of the target audience).
  • Affinity Index.

From the quantitative perspective, only the number of people who are interested in the specific topic or category is taken into consideration. It’s the right perspective, but there are things to keep in mind. For example, on Facebook Poland celebrities like Robert Lewandowski – famous football player – have a huge number of followers and, regardless what topic is being researched, they will always be on top of the ranking.

The Affinity Index gives a qualitative perspective and enables us to present more detailed information about the preferences of the target audience. How do we measure this indicator? By comparing the target audience to all of Facebook, which gives us information about which interests and categories are more popular in the target audience.

Listonic users – who are they?

The app is most popular among adults aged 25-44.

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Target audience: age and sex composition

There’s also a quite high Index value in two categories: marriage and family. But what’s worth highlighting is the interest in topics related to parenting (mainly fatherhood but also motherhood). That can be explained by the average age of the target audience.

As it turned out, on the basis of previous research (interviews) by Listonic, the vast majority of users started using it just after starting a family and often just after the first baby was born. It was most likely strongly connected to the need to have a better time, home duties, and organization.

Attitude towards new technologies

Technology early adopters, audience, target audience, audience scan

Technology early adopters

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Listonic users are mainly early technology adopters. They are young people for whom new technology is not some alien construct. It’s actually just the opposite – a way to makes their lives easier.

These are clearly people who often use their mobile devices, like smartphones or tablets, as well as laptops. The research showed that the most popular devices in the target audience are: Samsung devices (Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S7), Apple devices (as Ipad Air 2), and Xiaomi devices.

When it comes to operating systems used, the highest Affinity Index value relates to Mac OS (Affinity Index 141). In this case, the indicator is almost 2 times bigger than in the case of Windows 7 and Windows 8 (AI 60 and 51), and in the case of Windows 10 it was 99.

Moreover, Listonic users are also often online, mainly on social media (Affinity Index 211).

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How does the target audience spend their free time?

The research shows that the most popular ways to spend free time by Listonic users are cultural events, e.g. going to concerts or the theater. For comparison, the Index value when it comes to e.g. nightclubs was only 57.

live events, free time, cultural events, audience, target audience, concerts

Free time | Live events

A high value indicator in the target audience correlates also to reading, mainly ebooks. This is another example of the presence of new technologies in the lives of the target audience.

Other references for spending free time in the target audience include:

  • Visiting spas
  • Listening to jazz music
  • Playing board games
  • Crafts and DIY

On the other hand, computer games, consoles, and watching TV weren’t as popular (Affinity Index around 70-80).

Lifestyle characteristics

Representatives of the target audience are most probably people living in cities or suburbs – in close distance to more densely populated areas. It’s also worth noting that these people have a  high Affinity Index when it comes to commuting.

Although the target audience are people who travel a lot (also to distant destinations, e.g. Asia), one of their characteristics is their closeness to their origins, place of living, traditions, etc. We can also see a low index value when it comes to expats – people residing in in other foreign countries, mainly for financial and work-connected reasons.

What’s more, the target audience are people highly interested in community issues, sustainability, and environmentalism. These are much more important issues for them than e.g. politics, military, volunteering, or charity.

politics, social issues, religion, target audience, sustainabillity

Politics and social issues

Sport and travels – let’s be active!

Listonic users are active people who like travelling and practicing sports.

When it comes to travelling, the target audience is highly interested in air travel and destinations such as: mountains, lakes,  or theme parks. These undoubtedly shows that they prefer active ways of spending their free time. For comparison, a rather low indicator can be observed regarding ecotourism or beaches.

What kind of sports are most popular them? Mainly hiking, yoga, triathlon, or swimming. Running and marathons are also quite common.

sports, types of sports, triatlon, swimming, active

Types of sports popular in the target audience

You might be surprised by the fact that the target audience is not that interested in going to the gym, bodybuilding, or personal trainers – things that are generally very popular. On the other hand, the reason for that could be their lifestyle and responsibilities, which are taking up their time. Things like family, work, and children.

Culinary preferences in the target audience

Usually, when we make shopping lists, most of the products are food. No matter if it’s just before a party or just to up our fridge. So then what are the preferences of Listonic’s users when it comes to food and cuisine?

The research shows that they are definitely following the trends of eating healthy and being eco. We can see this by the high Affinity Index value in the following categories: veganism, vegetarianism, seafood and organic food. The index value is much lower in the case of e.g. desserts (Affinity Index 81) or fast food (Affinity Index 96).

food, veganism, eco, seafood, organic food

Food preferences

It’s worth mentioning that Listonic is not only made for creating shopping lists, but also for collecting cooking recipes. If you decide to prepare a selected meal on your own, you can simply add the needed ingredients to your shopping list by tapping a button. Voila!

What are the most popular types of cuisine in the target audience? Asian cuisine (Thai, Vietnamese or Japanese), but also French and Latin American.

cuisine, thai cuisine, types of cuisine,

Types of cuisine

The target audience often visits cafes and consumes mainly coffee or tea. As for alcoholic beverages – it’s wine and beer.

This interest in food also indicates an interest in portals such as e.g. White Plate (AI = 418), kwestiasmaku.com (AI = 337) and pyszne.pl (AI = 329).

Which influencers are most relevant to the target audience?

The data in the charts with the most popular influencers in the target audience just confirm the already mentioned interests, which includes sport, travel, and living healthy.

A very high index value is found for satirists like Andrzej Rysuje and Andrzej Mleczko, but also cabaret representatives, e.g. Kacper Ruciński.

Another group of influencers with a high Affinity Index are public figures that are active in the field of politics, community, and social issues, e.g. Krystyna Janda, Robert Biedroń or Maciej Stuhr.

target audience, influencers, popular people

Influencers popular in the target audience

Personal finances and the target audience

The target audience consists of people who take care of their finances. The reasons for that? Popularity of discount stores (Affinity Index 112) and being likely to use special offers rather than choosing luxury goods and shops (Affinity Index 75).

Representatives of the target audience are also highly interested in topics related to investing, banking, and personal finances. As it was mentioned before, it may be connected with the changes in this period of their lives. Changes like starting a family, buying/building/renovating a home, buying a car – which requires more expenses than before.

personal finances, investment, investing, insurance, finances

Personal finances

Moreover, the target audience consists of people with a high Affinity Index (146) when it comes to entrepreneurship. It might not be related only to the mentioned tendencies to invest, but also having one’s own business, even small one. The confirmation of this idea might be of interest when it comes to running a (small) business (Affinity Index 133). What’s interesting, among Listonic’s users there are also cases of using Listonic for the purpose of planning and managing a company’s shopping list.

What can be said from the analysis above? Surely that Listonic clients are wealthy or relatively wealthy (with earning above average). To drive this point home, keep in mind that the target audience is very interested in investing and entrepreneurship, owns and takes a lot of advantage of new technologies (and various apps as well), and travels a lot (not only to close destinations).

What does the target audience value the most?

The research done by Sotrender clearly shows a consistent profile of the representatives of Listonic’s target audience.

Who are they? Young to middle-aged people (between 25 and 44), living in a city or in its suburbs, who already have a family and child, with pretty high earnings. What’s important to them? Eating healthy, being active, family and friends, personal finances, and their current community and social issues.

Their ways of spending free time and other analyzed preferences shows that target audience are people who are generally open, outgoing, interested in the world around them, and enjoy their time spent with friends and family. Moreover, they are people who love to travel, even to distant destinations.

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Is an Audience Scan suitable for you?

The research made for Listonic is a perfect example of how Facebook data, when smartly used and analyzed, can help you understand your clients better than ever before. Audience Scans bring a special value to the owners of mobile apps, as they aren’t often gathering these kind of information. But of course, other business branches and various companies will benefit from carrying out such research.

Are you one of the people who want to find out more about their target audience? Contact us at contact@sotrender.com and let’s talk about what we can offer!

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