The Must-have Facebook Insights Alternative for 2022

Social media marketing might seem easy, but in fact it involves a lot of complex tasks. You usually start off with a strategy for your social media channels, then you analyze their performance, prepare summary reports and finally, decide on how to optimize your activities to achieve better results. We all know that it takes […]

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Facebook is down? How marketers can prepare for the next Facebook unavailability

On Monday, October 4th, we all experienced Facebook-owned social channels being unavailable. It made the majority of social media users feel insecure, but the situation impacted people working in the marketing industry even more. 

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What does your target audience value the most? [Listonic Case Study]

We’re certain that the majority of marketers already know how important the ongoing process of recognizing and understanding their target audience is. There are many reasons for that, but the main one speaks for itself: the increase in sales profits. At Sotrender, we see the increasing trend within many companies, regardless of size, to broaden their […]

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