Social media branding strategies: how to sell more?

If you are an entrepreneur, personal branding is right for you. It is a marketing tool that allows you not only to build a real bond of trust with customers but also to differentiate yourself from competitors. Social media platforms are one of the best ways to build one. As they represent a huge potential […]

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How to leverage your content marketing with Facebook

Most companies invest lots of time and money into Facebook, and everyone’s got the same idea: “Every company has a Facebook Page, so we need one too!”. But that kind of thinking can lead to some problems. What if you don’t have any set goals or strategy? What if you’re unsure of what to communicate and […]

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Target audience – How do you better understand them? [F-Secure Case Study]

The IT industry is unique for several reasons. You can see this within their sales teams, where a client’s decision making process is much longer and more complicated. Generally speaking, these clients are different than clients in other markets, e.g. FMCG – they don’t make decisions at a moment’s notice nor are they window shoppers […]

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