The last few months have been a time of changes for Sotrender. We’ve implemented a completely new look for the tool and added several new features (and we’re still working hard on more). Now, we present to you Sotrender’s updated pricing, marking the first price change in over two years.

/ May 14th, 2020 – update/

Well, a lot has changed since 2017 😉

Firstly, Sotrender is no longer only an analytical tool. Now, you can also reply to Facebook comments and Messenger messages directly from our app by using the Social Inbox feature.

We’ve also introduced new pricing which better corresponds with our customers’ needs. The pricing is valid from December 2019.

/ May 9th, 2017 – original text /

Brand new Sotrender

The biggest change over the last few months was definitely implementing Sotrender 2.0. This version of the tool is more user-friendly.  As we waved goodbye to the old look of Sotrender, which was in use since 2014, we added a lot of improvements. We cleaned up the sections and menus, making navigation easy and more intuitive. We devoted more focus to our users’ favorite features, such as reporting and competition tracking. These changes proved themselves, as Sotrender is becoming more and more popular, even abroad.

The tool’s new look is not the only thing that changed; there were was also a lot of work done in backend. We have rewritten the very architecture of Sotrender, changing the way we download, store, process, and visualize data.

New features in Sotrender

The new look came with some brand new features:

  • Comparison PDF reports. Automated reports are one of our user’s all-time favorite Sotrender features. We also know that you all love the ability to compare your profiles with your competitors. So we decided to combine those two options and give you automated comparison reports for profile groups. With this feature, you’ll be able to generate a complex comparison report for your saved Facebook groups in just few clicks.
  • PPTX reports cover the same metrics as their PDF counterparts, but have one crucial advantage – you can edit them any way you want so that they’ll suit your needs and desires.
  • Automated tips for Instagram profiles. Automated tips are based on our own algorithms and our enormous profile database. Thanks to Instagram tips, you’ll see what you should improve and what already works in your Instagram strategy. Tips hint at how to reach the highest number of users, how to engage them, etc.

We are also working on implementing interest analysis in the tool, which will help you understand your audience better.

New pricing

Along with these changes, we decided to change the pricing as well. Pricing is in effect from today, May 9th.

The smallest subscription plan, Bronze, now includes 2 Brands (instead of one), so you can enjoy one of our biggest advantages, competition tracking, even with the smallest subscription. Bronze now costs $50 (€45, £40) per month. Silver subscriptions now consist of 5 Brands (instead of 3) and costs $110 (€100, £90), Gold is now 10 Brands (instead of 8) for $200 (€180, £160). The Platinium plan stays as it was – 20 Brands for $390 (€350, £300) per month.

The pricing was valid from May 2017 till December 2019

If you already are our client, don’t worry, the old pricing is still valid for you. If you think the new pricing suits your needs better, contact us at

Bloggers, academic, and NGO accounts stay as they were before.



Jan Zając

CEO of Sotrender

Psychologist & economist, experienced consultant & researcher, who speaks 6 languages and has cycled around 17 countries.