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For bloggers and vloggers, we're offering plain access to our platform. Everyone who registers can add their own profile from any of the supported platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube).
Why you should be using Sotrender:

  • One, intuitive panel that supports 4 platforms
  • Precise analysis of social media activities
  • Quick and easy reporting
  • Automatic, data-driven tips that help in daily optimization

  • And there’s even more with Sotrender

    • Recommendations

      Sotrender interprets data for you, giving you simple tips with calls-to-action and pointing out where you can get more info. We analyse your data with 300 advanced data-mining algorithms to verify and improve your performance.

    • Reports

      Understand what your social media data is telling you. With just a few clicks, analyse your top posts, see how you should communicate with your audience, and see crucial data for your performance metrics.

    • Content analysis

      Without a doubt, content is king in social media. Analyze and improve the impact and engagement of various types of content. Compare different forms to each other and see which one’s are the most effective.

    • Best fans ranking

      Learn all about your fans, followers, and subscribers. Track your demographic data and behavioral segmentation of your engaged users. Measure the effects of your campaigns and identify users as influencers , activists, or “trolls”.