The New Sotrender Is Here!

It’s been 4 years since we made huge changes to Sotrender. Back then, we implemented the black layout you are most familiar with. But 4 years is ages in the world of social media. Times are a-changin’, and we have a gift for you on our 6th birthday: A brand new tool and website for Sotrender!

The new panel is noticeably clearer and simpler, with easy navigation between Sotrender’s most popular functions. We based these changes on intensive user behavior analysis and the newest trends in app design. “We’ve been active in social media analytics and research for six years. It’s quite a long time. And during this time, almost everything has changed: The platforms – could you have even imagined Snapchat in 2010? – the market, and client needs as well. It means that tools have to evolve and adapt to this ever-changing environment and strengthen their market position” – says Jan Zając, CEO and founder of Sotrender.

What’s changed in Sotrender?

Apart from the tool layout itself, the biggest change is the navigation. New users that add their first profiles will then enter the dashboard, where they’ll be welcomed by our new guide. It’s the best way to learn the basics of using Sotrender.

The most important and popular Sotrender functions are now grouped in a handy sidebar menu:

  • Comparison – Compare profiles with your competition or any other profile, create groups of profiles and analyze them all at once.
  • Reporting – Check the data from one profile (your own or your competition), create an automated PDF/XLS/PPT report, download it to your computer or send it via e-mail.
  • Audience – Analyze the audience structure of any given profile and identify who is most active (users who can become brand ambassadors).
  • Optimization – Learn what to improve in your communication by following our automated, data-driven tips and verify your communication strategy.

New Sotrender - menu

After selecting a function, choose the platform you want to analyze – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram – and see your added profiles. If you have pinned the profile to the dashboard, you can pick them without going through the tabs.

Start your free trial and analyze your Facebook profile!Learn more

For every profile, you can see an overview of your most important data in the form of small charts. Each chart is clickable, so you can get deeper insights.



Sotrender users love to track their competition. That’s why we’ve improved this module and added some new metrics. Compare your profile with up to seven other profiles by grouping them together. Data shows when users were most engaged with a brand’s activities, what type of content is most effective, what kind of users and reactions were most frequent, and which posts were the most popular.


Reporting is the another key Sotrender element for our users. You can create well-designed, sleek, and informative reports in .pdf or .xls formats (.ppt coming soon!) with just a few clicks. In the new Sotrender, you can now create reports for groups of profiles.


The new look and functions are just the beginning of big changes for Sotrender. Our goals for the coming year are to bring you even more precise data and tips. The social media advertising and marketing market is growing fast, as social media itself becomes a more and more important channel for brand communications.

Are you already a Sotrender user? Go to and start using the new version. Do you want to become one? Register here!

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