Facebook Myths Debunked: Does more posting lead to more engagement?

There are lots of differing opinions on how to do Facebook marketing right, and it’s not always clear who’s right and who’s wrong. As a social media analytics company, we decided to gather real data and find the truth (or lackthereof) behind the most popular Facebook marketing myths. In our previous posts, we looked at […]

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Facebook Myths Debunked: Does size matter?

As more marketing communication on Facebook is becoming common among brands, the more myths are rising around it. As a social media analytics company, we decided to take a look at the most popular myths about Facebook marketing and compare them with real data. In the first part of our myth debunking series, we took […]

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New automatic YouTube reports in Sotrender

We know that everyone’s time is valuable in this fast-paced world, so we’re making sure that Sotrender is as efficient and time-saving as possible. In order to reach this goal, we’ve introduced a feature for preparing incredibly quick, professionally presented, and comprehensive PDF reports about YouTube profiles with just a few clicks, just as we […]

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