Audience Interests Charts – new feature to make your strategy better!

It is widely known that boredom is not our cup of tea. We are still seeking new solutions that make marketers’ and analytics’ everyday work better and easier. One of them is Relative / Absolute Affinity – an interesting novelty that a lot of our Clients asked us about. After some trial periods we decided to […]

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Why does your brand’s online reputation matter?

The digital world has never been as powerful as it is today. That means that being invisible on the internet is pretty troublesome for brands, since much of your audience will be trying to find you there. But what can be just as bad is having a bad reputation online.

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Facebook Trends UK June 2017 – Engagement is the king

What happened on Facebook in the UK in June? Saying “a lot” tells you as much as not saying anything. Politicians fought for attention, festivals were bustling loudly, brands were preparing themselves for summer and light communication, getting Brits into the holiday mood. But much of it was hampered by the shadow left by the Grenfell Tower […]

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