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Track competitors. How to reveal your competitors’ marketing secrets?

Even if you know a lot about your competitors, you might have the impression that you should and could know a little bit more. You can never know your competitors well enough and there’s always room for improvement, so it is important to track competitors in the world of marketing.

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Why Facebook Engagement Matters And How You Can Increase It

Marketers know that measuring engagement metrics is important for an efficient social media strategy, but do you know why? For starters, checking your user engagement metrics allows you to see how loyal your fans are to your brand. In this post, we’re going to look into the reasons why high engagement rates on Facebook are […]

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17 Vital Facebook Video Ads Best Practices For High ROI

By making video a popular communication medium on this platform, Facebook has changed how we communicate. Today, Facebook video ads are excellent strategies for brands to reach new customers, establish long-term relationships, spread awareness about their products, and increase their Returns on Investment (ROI). To reach more people on Facebook, we must improve our engagement […]

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