eSports in Poland is growing

eSports in Poland: Streamers, Gamers and Sponsors

In our third post in our series on eSports (previous posts: 6 Lessons You Can Learn From Analyzing eSports Brands on Social Media & eSports: Are they here to stay?), we’ll be covering the gaming ecosystem in Poland. We’re taking a look at streamers and sponsors as well as running an Audience Scan of Polish gamers. If you want to know more […]

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New report scheduling options [Product update]

More than 1570 marketers use Sotrender every single day. Every month, more than 1050 reports are being generated in various formats. Since Reporting is so important to our clients, we decided that it was high time to implement changes and improvements to make your work even more efficient.

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Sotrender extends Cyber Monday!

Have you ever considered using Sotrender? Maybe you were just about to order one of our reports, e.g. Audience Scan or Paid Communication Analysis? If so, there’s no better time to do it!

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