#WebSummit – the most networking speakers!

Web Summit is a huge event which, according to this infographic, only in this year is supposed to gather around 10k professionals from the field of new media, technology and business. During two day conference almost 900 speakers will give their presentations on 7 different stages.

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#WebSummit – The hardest social networking startup

Sotrender has prepared an anlysis on the top 20 startups participating in Web Summit World’s Hardest Working Startup competition. Have a look at the infographic and check which of the startups is really the hardest working! At least in social media 🙂

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Fans activity – know the best hours to post on Facebook

Majority of social media managers know that there is no general recommendation concerning the time to post on Facebook. On the contrary, every brand should determine its hours, adequate to the target group and its habits. The latter can change according to new campaigns or changes of Facebook’s settings. Sotrender will help you understand the […]

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