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Automotive – UK Facebook users prefer…German car brands

Top 3 UK automotive Fan Pages belong to German car brands. BMW keeps its first position reaching over 160k fans (and still grows), with the next two places taken by VW and Audi.

But which car brand Fan Page drives the highest attention in UK? Undoubtedly, the most talked about is Citroen, leaving the competition far behind. With a 15% increase in the number of fans, it is also the fastest growing automotive fanpage in the top 5. The post promoting new Citroën & Arsenal campain, attracted surprisingly many women – 38% of those who decided to hit the like button, were female users. Here is the data.


Fashion – Interest of UK Facebook users range between casual and designer clothes

With TOPSHOP reaching almost 2, 3M users, ASOS still misses over 600 fans to reach the top. Nevertheless the buzz around ASOS is bigger – it more daily talked about than the leader.

Brand which distinguish from the competition is Ann Taylor, with 5% increase in number of fans and relative engagement nearly 4 times higher than the leading TOPSHOP. Brand dedicated to women, gains high level of content interactivity, offering discounts and coupons.

The most popular designer Fan Pages belong to Vivien Westwood and Alexander McQueen. McQueen fans generously spread the content which can be found on the fanpage.


Cosmetics & Hygiene – It’s a man’s world

With number of engaged fans 4 times bigger than any other UK  cosmetic brand, man’s Lynx UK wins in every category – starting with the number of likes, getting users engagement and making them share information about the brand. On the other side of ranking is Boots UK. Despite being the smallest Fan Page in Top 5, Boots has very active fans, who eagerly engage with its content. With 13, 6k daily talked about, it lacks only 1, 5k fans to the industry winner.


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