This Weeks Review of the UK’s Hottest Movie Fan Pages – Week 14


Most Interactive: Agent Vinods. Fastest Growing: Wrath of the Titans. Most engaging post: The Hunger Games.

Films fan pages on Facebook report is devoted to the activities on films pages on Facebook, released in the UK in February/March/April 2012. The aforementioned report is based on data gathered and analysed by Sotrender, an online tool for measurement, reporting, and opimization of Facebook marketing activities.

The report found that:

  • Largest Fans Growth – Wrath of the Titans – 631% increase in March 2012
  • Highest Relative Interactivity – Agent Vinods – 860
  • Best Post – The Hunger Games – 5846 likes and 787 comments, in 78% from female fans

If you would like further information on the pages Sotrender is tracking or you would like to add your own pages to the weekly survey please contact

Also, please remember that we always appreciate your comments and remarks. You can contact us on our fanpage, drop us an e-mail or leave us some comments on this very blog.


Interactivity Index– weighted sum of all activities (both fans and admin) on the wall of given fan page.
Relative Interactivity Index– fans interactivity index divided by number of fans. It allows to compare activities and fans engagement on fan pages with different number of fans.



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