This Weeks Review of the UK’s Hottest Movie Fan Pages – Week 15

The Hunger Games rules over British film industry on Facebook, leaving the competition far behind.

The race between film fan pages on British market is getting more and more interesting. Last weeks winner  in number of likes, One for the Money has been surpassed by The Hunger Games which became the largest and the fastest growing film fan page on British market.

Wrath of Titans that had an incredible 631% increase in number of fans in last week’s report, this week didn’t even manage to land on our  film fan pages ranking.

This week report found  that:

Largest Fans Growth: The Hunger Games- 13%

Most engaging: The Hunger Games- 4200 engaged fans

Highest number of activities per fan: Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey- 85 relative interactivity index

Best Post: The Hunger Games-  3915 likes and 618 comments in 70% from female fans

Most female fan page: One for the Money -91% female fans

Most male fan page: Grave Encounters- 82% male fans

Films fan pages on Facebook report is based on data gathered and analysed by Sotrender, an online tool for analysis, reporting and opimisation of Facebook marketing activities.

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