This Weeks Review of the UK’s Hottest Movie Fan Pages – Week 18

The week 18 (30.04.2012-06.05.2012) turned out to be a week dominated by new players on UK’s Facebook Film Industry. StreetDance The Movie and Bob Marley Movie managed to effectively attract Facebook users attention. Street Dance the Movie went straight to the top of our statistics as the largest film page. Meanwhile the Bob Marley Movie, reached an incredible score of 274 of Relative Interactivity Index- that reflects fans activity on a page, while its opponents had trouble in reaching 40.

The most „liked”: StreetDance The Movie.

Revealing highest number of activities per fan: Bob Marley Movie.

Most engaging post: One for the Money.

This week report found that:

Largest film page: Street Dance The Movie 378 469 fans

Most engaging: Agent Vinod – 2182 engaged fans

Highest number of activities per fan: Bob Marley Movie – 274 on Relative Interactivity Index

Best Post: One for the Money –  1051 likes and 51 comments in 93% from female fans

Most female fan page: One for the Money -92% female fans

Most male fan page: Agent Vinod– 74% male fans

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