Net Neutrality - Free Press interactive guide to net neutrality

An Interactive Guide On Net Neutrality And How It Can Affect Your Business

Net Neutrality has become a hot topic in the past few months, resurfacing after being left alone for a while. Today, tech giants are taking to the [virtual] streets and protesting against talks being conducted recently in the United States to abolish Net Neutrality.

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Twitter Trends UK June 2017 – General Election and General Rowling’s Domination

Twitter UK has 13 million active users, a number that’s still growing. This might demonstrate the power of Twitter, but the real and greatest power is held by Twitter’s influential profiles. Every month at Sotrender, we analyse 20+ industries and show you who really rocks on Twitter – and who you can use as an […]

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esports social media - facebook analysis.

6 Lessons You Can Learn From Analyzing eSports Brands on Social Media

Have you ever wondered what lessons you can learn from analyzing eSports brands on Social Media? We’re here to tell you what you can take away from observing posting patterns, user engagement and marketing strategies these brands use on Facebook. We took some of the biggest eSports organizations’ profiles:  14 Teams, 14 Casters & Analysts, […]

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